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iamboywond3r t1_iyxvsih wrote

This seems pretty cool tbh, and I can see this helping a lot of families in the long run. I wonder if anything similar is available in America already. If not this could potentially take off.


DanishWonder t1_iyyhmla wrote

We already have and similar sites. They generally just have a 2D photo of the headstone. Some users have added more detail around location. I have spent an entire afternoon looking for a headstone in a large cemetery before. But you can always go to the cemetery office when they are open (I was there on a weekend when they were closed). The office can tell you exactly where the plot is located.

TLDR: we have a basic website that does this in a limited capacity. This would be a tremendous amount of work for marginal improvement.


9-11GaveMe5G t1_iyybklv wrote

Seems like it would be useful but a lot of privately owned graveyards probably will not want them around.