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Em_Adespoton t1_j1kn6vq wrote

I do find it telling that the only operating lithium mine in Canada is essentially owned and operated by a subsidiary of the Chinese government.


jugonewild t1_j1krg8v wrote

I would feel much better if Canada's resources were controlled by American companies. We would be able to help them benefit while also ensuring a strong raw material source for our country.


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j1l8kvi wrote

Mining companies in general are complete assholes. Here in the US they like to creatively bankrupt the mining company and hide the money in related entities so the state gets stuck cleaning up the environmental damage on the taxpayers dime


i_write_bugz t1_j1m1uv0 wrote

From the article

> Canada is starting to take steps to limit China’s influence within the domestic supply chain. Earlier this month, Champagne said Canada will limit the involvement of foreign-owned state companies in the critical mineral sector, and a week later ordered three Chinese companies to sell their interests in small Canadian firms.

So it seems that won't be true for much longer


AhmedF t1_j1n193w wrote

Your comment is doing nothing but spreading something untrue.

You can update your comment too - it's as simple as "EDIT: This is no longer true. See comment below."

Weird thing to double down on.


voxerly t1_j1o17aa wrote

Trudeau will fuck this up , don’t count on it