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americanadiandrew t1_j24l9mk wrote

conspired to hack into Yahoo email accounts belonging to victims in the United States. From there, the two allegedly would check how many of those Yahoo accounts were associated with Ring accounts, and then target people who used the same password for both accounts.

Wow I hope they sue Amazon. I can’t think of a single thing the victims could have done to prevent this happening.


vAltyR47 t1_j24w5mr wrote

They could have followed standard security recommendations and not used the same password for multiple accounts.

Not saying they deserved it, but not sharing passwords is like security 101 nowadays.


AverageLiberalJoe t1_j250f11 wrote

Might be 101 stuff but almost literally nobody does it because every single website wants you to give them an email/pass combo which is near impossible for any consumer to keep track of. What we need the gov to do is create incentives for most companies to drop asking/storing passwords and do 2fa right out of the gate. And it needs to be a gotojail crime to store an unencrypted password period.


SafariNZ t1_j2613wt wrote

Apple suggests unique passwords every time you set one up for a new site, they even supply one with loads of numbers and characters and then save it for you. Very similar to stand alone password managers.


welcome2mycesspool t1_j27wwkl wrote

I feel like as time goes on, more and more people are moving to password managers so they can use a different, and much more secure password for each account. I know when I used to see ads for password managers back in like 2018 I thought no way I'd ever use a password manager as it seemed like a great inconvenience.

I tried out Bitwarden in 2021 because I found my info in a couple data breaches (gov. sites where you could look yourself up to see if you were affected)

It was a hassle at first to change the info for all of my important accounts, then I just kept changing the less important ones as I needed to sign into them, after 6 months I had no use for the dozens of passwords and combinations that I had stored in my head. It was relieving. And now, my phone can even autofill from Bitwarden just like Apple keychain.

Heck, even my mom is on the password manager wave now after having her... yahoo account hacked.


americanadiandrew t1_j24xdro wrote

Yeah I agree completely. I just hate doing the /s when I’m being sarcastic.


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j25p756 wrote

I know! Yahoo mail is basically as good as the NSA at security!


[deleted] t1_j24esrs wrote



[deleted] t1_j24xk89 wrote

Mongoloid is a classification of bone structure from Asia. This person appears to be a caucisoid.


Cryptolution t1_j24ybnp wrote

You are technically correct so have my vote.

Gotta remember this term.


[deleted] t1_j24xbeo wrote

Lol, how they didn't see this coming. "Internet of things". Ffs


Lch207560 t1_j2783c5 wrote

Has a cop ever been killed during one of these swatting events?


Traktop t1_j23n3i3 wrote

How is this a ring problem if people are stupid? They using the same password for all accounts and its their date of birth. And for everybody who is concerned about privacy - if you have at least one smartphone on your household - it knows how often you take a shit and what kind of boobs you like. So stop kidding yourself: unless you live in the forest without electricity, your life is an open book.


Bart-MS t1_j23rcjz wrote

How should my smartphone know that? Honest question.


Kay_Kay_Bee t1_j23t2ru wrote

Anything you do on the internet can be tracked via cookies, stored and then sold to 3rd parties to serve you targeted ads later. It's how a lot of free websites are paid mainly for, you are the product they sell


Bart-MS t1_j23vp7i wrote

The cookies don't know when I'm on the loo.


samz22 t1_j243u5e wrote

I hate hunting, I looked up hunting prices in Africa for a leopard on my laptop. Now on my instagram and every news website I go to on any device, my phone, my appletv , all the ads are about hunting. It’s fucking bullshit how even when using different websites, your personal data is shared


Incorrect-Username- t1_j24jr46 wrote

You can use ad blockers to prevent this kind of thing. They not only block ads, but also the telemetry data that your devices are “calling home” about you (your location, what you click on, how long you look at something on your phone, etc.) There are plenty of free options out there you can use, adguard has a browser extension you can use, or you can use something like pihole for a network-wide solution. I use pihole and it has a dashboard that shows the amount of things that have been blocked, and the amount of queries coming out of my network. It’s scary to see the thousands of things being blocked every day, even when I’m not home, and the amount of times our devices reach out to the internet without us even realizing it. Definitely not a foolproof solution, but certainly helps out and makes me feel a bit more secure.


Incorrect-Username- t1_j24k3p2 wrote

For example out of about 22,000 queries so far today, almost 10,000 have been blocked. About %44.5.


tjcanno t1_j24kkgu wrote

Truth. I use Blokada on my phone.


samz22 t1_j24jzwu wrote

I use ublock on my laptop but I think it’s my google account sharing the data between devices.


Incorrect-Username- t1_j24kqpc wrote

Yeah, google is terrible about that. Unfortunately, it’s hard prevent the services we use from collecting data on us. It’d be great if we could get some laws about that sort of thing, but we all know how that goes


Procrasturbating t1_j24mgb6 wrote

The one that stores your current GPS coordinates and inertial sensor data does, to be fair it is probably on the server side of things depending on the apps installed.


[deleted] t1_j24xt8q wrote

The Metadata , tracking of steps and the blueprint of your house that is public information. Extrapolated.


Adorable-Slip2260 t1_j23gsmh wrote

“Ring doorbells used by douche bags, unsurprisingly get hacked by assholes”. Fixed that for you.


3pbc t1_j23ikta wrote

Making it hard for your porch pirating adventures?


[deleted] t1_j23kt0h wrote

I think that 20 years from now we'll look at this fad of "Everything has WiFi, Everything has a camera" and think:

What the fuck were we thinking?


3pbc t1_j25xnxv wrote

20 years from now we will have implants to connect to our masters


Carthonn t1_j23o16o wrote

Completely. I had a cop come to my door and ask me “Do you have any cameras on your house? There was a vehicle stolen across the street and we want to see if you had anything.”

That was a lesson for me to NEVER have a camera because the police will just look through all my stuff apparently.


Level_Network_7733 t1_j24eupx wrote

You can also just ask for the times, and provide that footage for them.

Why would you not want to help solve a crime if you have the ability to? Don't give them access to your video feeds directly, certainly.

Imagine being in their shoes. Your car was stolen and the person across the street could help solve that for you.


Jesse_is_a_wizard t1_j27y1n0 wrote

why does it make someone a douchebag to have a ring camera?

that doesn't make sense to me