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LigerXT5 t1_j24t3df wrote

If it connects to the network or wifi, and the kid can freely play with it, at least the younger children don't need it. Where the parent draws the line is up to them.

I'm hoping we can wait till our little one is at least 8yo before they even get a locked down, simple, smart phone. Maybe 6 for a locked down tablet.


fardough t1_j24zmvq wrote

Wow, keeps getting younger and younger. My sister is waiting till they turn teens to get a phone, but they did get tablets rather early (one is almost required for school these days).


LigerXT5 t1_j2519b2 wrote

I'd rather wait till she's a preteen, but with it being a small town, it's not hard to bump into questionable people.

As an IT support and hobbyist guy, I'd like to start her on the basics of do's and don'ts of electronics and online. Basically said, starting early on online street smarts.

Trying to avoid the whole helicopter parenting aspect, but, at least with smart home stuff, I can tell when she's home, and if loyalty becomes an issue, I can tell where she's at and been in the event questions come up. On the other hand, if we are playing the same games together, say Pokemon Go, having their own phone would make things so much easier.


TheRedViper89 t1_j24wyhu wrote

Honestly, the way technology is progressing, I’m sure that will be 4yo. Many, many elementary schools/pre-schools are giving kids tablets. 100% locked down, of course, but they’ve realized that kids will be like “OH COOL!!” And they can play educational games and take lessons on it.


LigerXT5 t1_j251gxg wrote

School use, I don't mind. It's when they are done with school, and need pulled away to reduce screen time. That's hard for me to say, as a guy who's almost in front of a computer, either that's work (I do IT support and management) or at home at least half the time.


OneEyedPetey t1_j25uqb4 wrote

In fairness, not much different then going to the computer lab in elementary school. Different devices and stuff now, but similar concept.


lynnwoodblack t1_j26hcnc wrote

"Locked down". Sure, I believe you, teacher who doesn't have the skills to really know what that even means. Even if you did know, when would you have the time to verify it? You're over worked to the point of burnout before you hit 30. Can you imagine what it takes to burnout someone in their 20s?


neph4 t1_j252t6f wrote

Toniebox is a thing – it’s a little speaker that plays music based on figurines (Disney, Sesame Street, etc). Connects to wi-fi to download files, but doesn’t have a screen. You do need to make an account though.


LigerXT5 t1_j2541uc wrote

I'll look into that. Basic concept sounds promising. If it has some kind of input that identifies the user in any way, say a microphone, then I'd draw the line. But if all it does is play sounds/clips/etc., and updates with new audio from time to time, almost to harm. Best I can think it tracks is which audio clips are played the most.

If it's trustworthy, I think you helped me find a birthday gift, lol.


neph4 t1_j255bb7 wrote

Just got a Toniebox for my kid, and was curious, so looked up a tear down of one:

No microphone on it, which is great.


LigerXT5 t1_j256b4x wrote

I was reading through their site. Other than the app on the phone, and needing to setup an account to use the app and box, the box only needs wifi when you update/change things on it.

Other than the app and account, doesn't appear to be any concerning telemetry sent back.


my_lewd_alt t1_j26jyra wrote

Plug a speaker in backwards and it's a microphone. A terrible one, but it works.


lynnwoodblack t1_j26gtlp wrote

I'm predicting that schools will require all students to carry cell phones in the next couple of years. Even the elementary schools and kindergartens.


joey0live t1_j26u11r wrote

Would not doubt it. My 6 and 8yo niece currently has a phone.. and an iPad. My 2 5yo nephews has iPads.

If these smart toys not taking data from there, they’ll get it in these popular games… like Minecraft and Roblox.


morbidchiaseeds t1_j25mnyb wrote

I dunno, I like my kid's iPad. I originally bought it for myself but ended up using for him when he's sick or out of preschool for a different reason. There is good content you can download and then turn off the wifi.

Do your kids watch TV at all? Just curious. That's rare in this new iPad generation!


LigerXT5 t1_j26net3 wrote

My 2.5 yo does, but it's off and on if she's paying attention. Depending on the day, I'd say half the time she's watching. Otherwise it's white noise to her or something else is on the TV that doesn't interest her. At least no TV in her room, lol.

I think we made it a year and a half without using the TV to entertain her while we're taking care of other things or need a break.

In a perfect world, wouldn't be relying on the TV. We'd also be able to afford a regular babysitter instead of splitting the day in half, wife working evenings and I work during the day.


morbidchiaseeds t1_j2712nr wrote

I hear that. An affordable babysitter would be life changing.

I also watched a ton of TV growing up. I found a 6th grade journal that was simply a list of the shows I watched at the time. Lol! My parents didn't get the kind of shaming we do now.


elgarduque t1_j25qb08 wrote

8yo got a Verizon Gizmo watch for Christmas this year. We can call and text her, she can call and text predefined messages to predefined contacts. It has some games and other shit on it. No camera. Some of her friends have the same thing. Solves the "I want to text and call my friends" without going down the phone rabbit hole, which isn't happening for a few more years.


maggienetism t1_j25sk4e wrote

Man, it's hard to believe I didn't have a phone until high school. And I shared that phone with my sister! She had it most of the time, I had it whenever I had band practice after school so I could coordinate a ride home.