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[deleted] t1_j24ungn wrote

I’ll be honest, I just automatically assumed they were collecting data the minute they started making smart toys.


NinjaBilly55 t1_j255ysh wrote

Yup, since Furbys..


DutchieTalking t1_j269itr wrote

Since when have furbies been smart?


thealthor t1_j26tr9h wrote

They weren't, it was an overaction to the supposed gimmick of the toy that could learn to talk by interacting with the user, but it was all preprogramed and not actually listening in any way.


jang859 t1_j26wdpf wrote

I had the feeling this is how it worked at the time. I knew the tech doesn't allow this even as a kid.


NinjaBilly55 t1_j26a1nl wrote

They were the first toys that I'm aware of that posed a security risk.. I was working at the Department of Energy during the Furby craze and they were banned from all Government buildings..


thealthor t1_j26rk5m wrote

It was rescinded because they did not pose a security risk. It was a gimmick that it could "listen and learn from you" but it was only preprogrammed to go from non-sensical to talking no matter what was said to it. It didn't listen at all.


dingosaurus t1_j26cr0m wrote

I remember that being all over the new when I was in high school. Blew my mind at the time.


pimpmcnasty t1_j27qhld wrote

Yep, and it's not going to change in America for a very long time if ever. The second we could be monetized instantly, privacy ended. The basic Internet started it, but the iPhone and smartphones moving forward poured rocket fuel on it.


dumbass_sweatpants t1_j25hh84 wrote

Idgaf at this point ngl.


[deleted] t1_j25pnhu wrote



CheeksMix t1_j25qdd5 wrote

Honest answer: I don’t think most people care about that. I think their concern is exactly as you stated. Personal identifiable information is being shared like it means nothing. Details specifically about you and your child. Your address and other info.

This can all be corroborated with other data from other data sets to make it uncomfortably real. And it happens all the time. Look at the number of spam emails you get with your information included. You didn’t give that info to them. So who did?

Edit: additionally it’s not that the company gathered just that data either. They’re also selling it or in some cases giving it out. I wouldn’t care if it were just that company but they sell that information to people who sell it to anyone. Now you’re getting phone calls from spam numbers from a company you didn’t want your details shared with.