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fardough t1_j24zmvq wrote

Wow, keeps getting younger and younger. My sister is waiting till they turn teens to get a phone, but they did get tablets rather early (one is almost required for school these days).


LigerXT5 t1_j2519b2 wrote

I'd rather wait till she's a preteen, but with it being a small town, it's not hard to bump into questionable people.

As an IT support and hobbyist guy, I'd like to start her on the basics of do's and don'ts of electronics and online. Basically said, starting early on online street smarts.

Trying to avoid the whole helicopter parenting aspect, but, at least with smart home stuff, I can tell when she's home, and if loyalty becomes an issue, I can tell where she's at and been in the event questions come up. On the other hand, if we are playing the same games together, say Pokemon Go, having their own phone would make things so much easier.