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neph4 t1_j252t6f wrote

Toniebox is a thing – it’s a little speaker that plays music based on figurines (Disney, Sesame Street, etc). Connects to wi-fi to download files, but doesn’t have a screen. You do need to make an account though.


LigerXT5 t1_j2541uc wrote

I'll look into that. Basic concept sounds promising. If it has some kind of input that identifies the user in any way, say a microphone, then I'd draw the line. But if all it does is play sounds/clips/etc., and updates with new audio from time to time, almost to harm. Best I can think it tracks is which audio clips are played the most.

If it's trustworthy, I think you helped me find a birthday gift, lol.


neph4 t1_j255bb7 wrote

Just got a Toniebox for my kid, and was curious, so looked up a tear down of one:

No microphone on it, which is great.


LigerXT5 t1_j256b4x wrote

I was reading through their site. Other than the app on the phone, and needing to setup an account to use the app and box, the box only needs wifi when you update/change things on it.

Other than the app and account, doesn't appear to be any concerning telemetry sent back.


my_lewd_alt t1_j26jyra wrote

Plug a speaker in backwards and it's a microphone. A terrible one, but it works.