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SketchyDoritoz t1_j2542jf wrote

If a service is free, you are the product.


Lordnerble t1_j257rep wrote

if a service is not free, you're also still the product. Youre just paying to give it away now in return for something you need.


SketchyDoritoz t1_j257v7v wrote

We’re all a product of a currency


beebog t1_j25c0et wrote

not me i’m broke


Lordnerble t1_j25nazt wrote

Still a product, just not worth as much ;P


KingKie129 t1_j269wm4 wrote

Don’t know why you were downvoted, if the person is broke they’re absolutely not worth as much from a financial point of view. An example would include not getting good credit options if any at all therefore not much to be made from said person.


Nekrosse t1_j29bwd1 wrote

Its even worse, depending on your personal beliefs your data could be more valuable. Just to give one example: If a person is vegetarian his/her data is now worth more than someone let say that doesn't follow any specific diet.