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SchAmToo t1_j2691y8 wrote

I’m pointing out massive companies because it details if they’re struggling how are smaller companies doing? Also pretty bad. The big companies normally can operate at a loss but it’s a much bigger risk for smaller companies. More servers for more users can be $$ but if they under provision then it’s risk that if they blow up they lose their spot. It’s hard!

You keep bringing the argument to my own actions like I’m not doing any of the things you talk about. It’s not really good for debating this topic, it’s mildly ad hominem. I was trying to have a debate about the state of things, I’m not here to talk about my own actions and your assumptions of what I do and don’t do.


Rpanich t1_j269zhk wrote

> I was trying to have a debate about the state of things

No, you’re here to defend the current stage of things, while claiming you’re against it, despite the fact that you’re arguing against people who want to change it and telling them to accept it.

If you’re CLAIMING to say it’s bad, then doesn’t it make sense to use your energy to fix it rather than to tell people to accept it? It’s not an ad hominem, it’s an honest question. Unless of course you’re lying and actually just love this stupid system?