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MicMcDev t1_izxpets wrote

Id love to see the amount of businesses on Windows XP still or older. Bet it is shocking.


Salarian_American t1_izy06yc wrote

It is. When the application hosting company I work for upgraded to Windows Server 16, we had to let our customers know that it wasn't possible to connect from Windows XP computers anymore. We got a LOT of angry phone calls about that. This was in 2019


MicMcDev t1_izy5qy4 wrote

Absolutely bonkers.


Salarian_American t1_izyikpg wrote

One guy yelled at my co-worker, "Not everybody is a computer expert that likes to update their computer every year, you know!"

Like, sir... your computer's operating system is old enough to vote. You wouldn't drive the same car for that long, mostly. In the world of computing technology, your computer qualifies as an antique.

And you're using the 32-bit edition of XP. Don't you think it'd be nice to have more than 4 gigs of RAM in your machine?


scoutsaint t1_izy4ci8 wrote

Most wheel alignment software run by car repair shops were written for windows xp or vista, worked great because they are not make/model specific. Around 8 years ago these companies that made these aligner software started using hardware toggles and subscription only practices. hence most garages just kept using their old machines and air gaped them. i imagined most businesses that worry about legacy applications that run only on windows 7 or 8 have done the same. computers work perfectly fine without internet.


Nit3fury t1_j0117sk wrote

We have a similar situation at my work. Movie theater built in 2005, with led hall signs and box office info sign. The company that made the signs and the program for them is loooooong gone. We have a dedicated stand alone computer with XP running them.


VincentNacon t1_izywvkc wrote

Let's face it, businesses that are still using Win7 today won't be paying for Win11 anytime soon.


CocodaMonkey t1_j005b94 wrote

It's not really about paying for Windows, a Windows 7 key still works to install Windows 11. Even though the official upgrade processes ended years ago they never stopped accepting old keys.

The problem is actually hardware. There's basically no chance a computer running Windows 7 is supported by Windows 11. Most Windows 10 computers aren't even supported by Windows 11.


VincentNacon t1_j00u9rz wrote

Even if it requires them a new hardware to run it, my point is still valid. They won't pay for it.


[deleted] t1_izxoh64 wrote



CarcosaBound t1_izy0foq wrote

This has been talked about for years and years. It ain’t happening lol…personally I love it but it’s always gonna be a niche OS on end user machines.


BoricPenguin t1_izxxm0x wrote

And let's face it no one uses Linux and it will stay that way.


VincentNacon t1_izyx5jq wrote

You're kidding, right? Ton of companies use Linux for servers.


BoricPenguin t1_izzglcm wrote

So no one got it! If it has barely any market share that means no one is using it!


VincentNacon t1_j00uejg wrote

Do you even know what you're saying at all?

It's pretty clear you have no IT experience in the business sector.


BoricPenguin t1_j01il9u wrote

Guy it's losing market share to fucking ChromeOS okl no one using it! Business aren't people and don't add up to a large amount.