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Fit-Anything8352 t1_j1im8js wrote

There is a quantum search algorithm called Grovers algorithm that lets you do a search with O(sqrt(N)) complexity which in other words means you an brute force an n-bit cipher in 2^n/2 operations. It requires way more sophisticated quantum computers than we have today though, with many more quibits and actual, working error correction.

> right... because it's "good enough" still and we've been told that for two decades and they sauce it daily. It was good enough for documents of the "secret" level... which is the level immediately above "given to the NYT for publishing"... in 2003.

It is good enough. Edward Snowden told us that in 2014 even the NSA didn't have any effective cryptanalysis on AES, and even on unrealistic future computers it would still take longer than the heat death of the universe to brute force it.