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typesett t1_j10w02c wrote

bring it to market and we will see how expensive it actually is

i just want to say my favorite story about vaporware tech is that we used to talk on forums all the time in the mid 90s about tiny hard drives much like we hear about batteries now

well, eventually a tiny hard drive hit the market and it was made into the first iPod amongst other mp3 players.

that directly led to the iphone. the iphone and etc basically changed the world.

my 2 cents. when it hits, it hits and we take it for granted


radicalceleryjuice t1_j113bfj wrote

Yes, machine learning is another great example. Now that it’s happening, it’s happening fast.

I’m pretty confident that we’ll also get next generation solar panels by end of decade


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j1149zf wrote

Solar's the way to go IMO. Wind's good too, but I just have a heavy aversion to moving parts when it comes to maintenance/repair.


radicalceleryjuice t1_j114pvb wrote

Solar is more intermittent than wind but as the energy gets cheaper there will be increasing incentives to build storage solutions. The storage will probably lag though


One_Astronaut_483 t1_j115x88 wrote

That's the true bottleneck.


radicalceleryjuice t1_j118ana wrote

There are better solutions than most people realize. Off-river pumped hydro has great potential but most people don’t know what that means


0ut0fBoundsException t1_j11nfka wrote

Machine Learning done been happening


gurenkagurenda t1_j12s3m4 wrote

Yeah, it’s been something over the last few months to watch people suddenly learn that AI is an actual thing and not just a marketing buzzword. Like yeah, dudes, if you were paying attention, things have been getting extremely wild for years now.


commentingrobot t1_j11gbr4 wrote

That's a great analogy!

"In economics, things take longer to happen than you think they will, and then they happen faster than you ever thought they'd be able to"


typesett t1_j12jc0f wrote

Omg I’m flashing back now

there used to be a meme called the iwalk … because of the walkman

it’s basic premise was the iphone. This was 1996


ericneo3 t1_j12qx4e wrote

> bring it to market and we will see how expensive it actually is

I need coffee, I read that as

bring it to market and we will see how explosive it actually is