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Nurpus t1_j11js03 wrote

Imagine taking a finite resource that will take millions of years to replenish and which is rapidly making this planet less and less hospitable for organic lifeforms... just to fill up the tank of your 6-year-old car.


MikeGreat1 t1_j11sbpw wrote

that’s not a bad argument - incomplete though. all of the electrical elements except the wire itself is not recyclable. at this level of technology a battery powered car has 1/2-1/4 the lifespan of an ICE powered machine with less reusable material. not a fair trade by any stretch yet.

the tech needs improvement still. i hope it happens soon.


The_Countess t1_j11wo8q wrote

The sodium and sulfer this battery uses should be pretty easy to separate though, and aren't nearly as reactive as lithium.