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discgman t1_j25n7iv wrote

They also destroyed affordable housing in San Francisco and created more homelessness


NotJohnDenver t1_j26lh2g wrote

Ah yes, the Bay Area’s housing issues are completely the tech industry’s fault and no fault of anything (or anyone) else.


kosmos1209 t1_j27j644 wrote

Techies left and SF has worse homelessness and still has high cost of living. It couldn’t have to do with NIMBYs constantly blaming everything but not building, could it?


discgman t1_j27nmhr wrote

Nimbys is a problem throughout the state. It was the tech surge that made moderately priced houses into million dollar starter homes in a few years in SF.


kosmos1209 t1_j27nzes wrote

Of course! It’s the over demand side that’s the problem, not the supply shortage! Shrinking tax base sure is great!


oboshoe t1_j26v6am wrote

that's your politicians fault.


discgman t1_j26wxu2 wrote

Yes, Republicans would have prevented a housing crisis


oboshoe t1_j26xkdd wrote

who knows? maybe yes. maybe no.

as it is, we only know which politicians actually did fail.


discgman t1_j26zi99 wrote

Maybe, not at all


oboshoe t1_j277y9h wrote

then it sounds it like you folks are simply fated to have a housing crisis and there is no hope for anything but.


discgman t1_j2796cj wrote

Well I could vote republican, but nothing would get fixed and they would start investigating drags shows, so 🤷‍♂️


oboshoe t1_j27bbyh wrote

well to be clear i'm not advising voting any particular way.

but i have noticed that in areas where red or blue has a solid guaranteed lock on the vote. the hard things never get done.

imo it's probably because the electorate gets taken for granted.