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Kuroiso t1_j1nli2i wrote

I lived in South Korea for a little while a few years ago and knew someone who worked at an NGO that dealt with North Korean refugees. Her Facebook got hacked and had a bunch of porn posted on it. She said that N.K. did that type of thing regularly to people like her just to let them know they were being watched and to try to keep them feeling uneasy.


DevAway22314 t1_j1noy9f wrote

In terms of offensive security capabilities, North Korea does very well for their size and lack of digital infrastructure

They certainly just used a credential stuffing attack in that case though. A good reminder never to reuse passwords, and not make them easily guessable


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j1nmjko wrote

Are there S.K. hackers who fight back? Somehow to allow N.K. residents to have access to actual news rather than communist propaganda?


Kuroiso t1_j1nmsvm wrote

I’m no expert, but I remember hearing about some groups floating balloons with USB drives full of info over the border.


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j1nrzl8 wrote

Or blast K Pop at the border wall? I just wish we had the tech for peaceful revolution to destroy their government without destroying their people. Evil Emperor Kim Jong-un must end his reign of terror.


DevAway22314 t1_j1nopof wrote

North Korean internet is incredibly closed off, making attacks over the internet nearly impossible. Access to news and media from outside North Korea is done using old school methods of getting physical media over the border