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DocPhilMcGraw t1_j1uejsp wrote

The crash detection supposedly gives around 20 seconds before it calls emergency services. Perhaps what they could do is increase this time to 60 seconds. While they increase the time period, they could also have the phone vibrate constantly and give a loud alert (similar to their SOS system) throughout the 60 second time period.

I know when I have accidentally activated SOS on the iPhone it vibrates constantly throughout the 10 second time period as well as gives a loud alert so that you know it's about to call.

It's not going to solve the underlying issues with the detection, but it possibly could cut down the amount of calls quite a bit.


Chenko0160 t1_j1um0jp wrote

So actually experienced this first hand last week when I fell while skiing. All of a sudden I had a alarm going off in my ear buds and when I looked at my watch it was counting down before it would call 911. I hit the slider to cancel it and all was good. Not sure how there’s so many false alarms from it.


Toad32 t1_j1umefu wrote

Not sure? How did you check your phone with snow gloves on?

Who takes out their phone while skiing? It's not coming out of my zipper pocket until I am on the lift.


KittenPics t1_j1v4c7w wrote

You’re crazy! Dropping a phone from a lift is the best way to lose it!


Chenko0160 t1_j1umkju wrote

I was able to do it from the Apple Watch on my wrist. So I didn’t even have to take my phone out. I did quickly pull my glove off to swipe though since to your point it doesn’t work well with gloves on lol.


DrCola12 t1_j1xqwl6 wrote

The new Apple Watch also has crash detection


DocPhilMcGraw t1_j1unzjd wrote

Right, but I think there are many more circumstances happening of people that either may not have an Apple Watch or they may not be able to retrieve their phones in time.

I know that if I was skiing and I had on all these gloves and gear, my phone would probably be in my pocket (and it most likely would be a zipped pocket). Plus, you don't always recognize at first what is happening. While 20 seconds may sound like a long amount of time, it's really not. Sometimes it takes me 10-15 seconds just to realize my phone is vibrating in my pocket because it's a phone call and not just a bunch of texts being sent to me.

And honestly, there is not going to be that much of a difference in terms of your outcome whether 911 is called at the 20 second mark or the 60 second mark. It should just be defaulted to 60 seconds and they should have it alarm in the same way SOS alarms when it is about to call.


AsH83 t1_j1vc0kv wrote

This happened to me in a roller coaster, lucky I had my watch on me to deactivate it. if no watch, I would have no way to get my phone out of my pocket.


SuperGameTheory t1_j1w4pdh wrote

Queue to cut scene of ambulance on the tracks chasing your roller coaster down as you keep going around having a blast.


SuperGameTheory t1_j1w4bkf wrote

It could also keep listening for inputs. If it detects a crash but it keeps detecting constant movement and a change of location on a roadway, maybe it wasn't a crash.


v81 t1_j1xghwq wrote

Might lead to a new problem... Someone driving a car when a false crash alert goes off gets distracted by it and ends up having an actual crash.

Does this automated calling of emergency services have any kind of regulatory approval?

It's not a terrible idea, but without being thoroughly thought out it's not a great idea either.


DocPhilMcGraw t1_j1xgp6y wrote

That would happen right now anyways. Right now the very situation you are describing can occur, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at?


v81 t1_j1xkr35 wrote

It's not a great idea. That's about what I'm getting at.


DocPhilMcGraw t1_j1xkvqg wrote

Ok then and your great idea is?


v81 t1_j1xxv6k wrote

Don't burden emergency services with beta tests.


DocPhilMcGraw t1_j1xzmnl wrote

That's a really dumb idea considering Apple is not about to pull this capability from the market.

And you had the audacity to call my idea dumb when you come up with an even worse idea that Apple is not going to take into consideration?


v81 t1_j1yb27f wrote

Seeing that seen idea is dumb and saying so does not magically obligate me to invent a solution.

I can say that Trump and Biden are dumb without running for president.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that it's not smart thing to waste the resources of emergency services with a poorly thought out tech.


DocPhilMcGraw t1_j1yc6hw wrote

Ok so you’re just admitting you can’t come up with any better ideas. Later genius.