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Historical_Emeritus t1_j1zqxbr wrote

I think I'm stuck in a time loop because I swear I've seen this story like 18 times over the past decade.


icefire555 t1_j204wk2 wrote

The issue is you're not allowed to fly anywhere near airports or military bases. So that creates a lot of problems for this kind of program.


cannibal_man t1_j20s8m0 wrote

DC has a big no-fly zone. And for good reason.


VacaDLuffy t1_j22js4c wrote

Millenial kid her wincing as to the why.


pievendor t1_j27mjj5 wrote

Hmm, yes, whatever could be the reason that DC--where the US federal government primarily is--would have a massive no-fly zone?


pifhluk t1_j2101yf wrote

That and the 5lb weight limit, battery recharging and the fact that you have to have a drone operator watching it the whole time.


tobor_a t1_j20x3ai wrote

Yeah, I don't think my town will get it :c we have two or three amazon warehouses across the town and a pretty busy municipal airport and a base. Anyways, not like I need anything form amazon that bad that I couldn't jsut go to walmart/target in town for.


Comfortable-Put890 t1_j24jb7q wrote

They shouldn't be allowed anywhere. I myself am a Robotics researcher, You would not enjoy hundreds of those loud drones buzzing over your head. They are dangerous, and other problems like privacy issues, surveillance misuse, our comfort and trust long list.

These AI companies manipulate our acceptance of technology, They have been and they will always do the same


icefire555 t1_j251o63 wrote

I love loud buzzing noises in the sky, that will definitely never collide with birds or other things in the air.


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j20cz33 wrote

Full self driving next year!


cannibal_man t1_j20s5cr wrote

But the futurist fanboys on reddit say it's so and futurist fanboys are always right. /s


tjshipman44 t1_j22zugw wrote

There are literally full self driving cars, multiple manufacturers, driving outside my front door right now.


erosram t1_j20vwy1 wrote

The last thing I want is little wizzing drones all over the skyline, they’re super noisy, and can ruin the view of a beautiful clear sky.


An-Okay-Alternative t1_j21pzfl wrote

Unlike those beautiful trucks barreling down residential streets burning gas at 10mpg.


erosram t1_j26ovfk wrote

lol a hundred packages on a truck on a highway sounds much better than Amazon turning my neighborhood into airspace.


mrgreyeyes t1_j1zxbjk wrote

Are you already past the point that Trump wanted to start a war with North Korea?


pyabo t1_j20y50x wrote

It's like each time this happens we are all shunted into an alternate universe where suddenly everyone has common sense and realizes what a bad idea this is. Until it happens again.


Ashged t1_j21cxk1 wrote

It's insanely unsafe, legally complicated, and would fuck up private drone use, so Amazon is just trying to tart it again and again until they eventually get away with it. I hope that will take a long while, but probably not.


realsuitboi t1_j1zuyo7 wrote

Brilliant idea to start in Texas. Shoot it down and you get a small reward.


leviwhite9 t1_j2032qa wrote

A small reward being an extended stay in federal fuck me in the ass prison.

If it's in the air and doesn't have a heartbeat it's likely "aircraft" per the FAA and the "FA" in their name isn't for "fuckin around."


Tedstor t1_j20ildg wrote

Sadly, the US Atty will likely have to make an example out of a few people.


KrazyRooster t1_j22zjm4 wrote

Laws being followed in Texas? When a white man shoots something?

Hahahahaha. Good joke.


randompasta t1_j1zxk5q wrote

Instead of yelling 'pull' for the skeet, you have to use an app.


SusanForeman t1_j2016ko wrote

Don't have to worry about shooting them down when their batteries are dead because of the power outages


KrazyRooster t1_j22zmay wrote

It better be powered by gas because backwards Texas doesn't have power.


SsiSsiSsiSsi t1_j2038fv wrote

Brilliant, commit a crime on camera, that’ll work out for you.


cannibal_man t1_j20rv7r wrote

People do it all the time. They don't give a shit about the camera.


SsiSsiSsiSsi t1_j20s5vj wrote

Something tells me that Amazon will want to make an example out of them.


cannibal_man t1_j20tzbl wrote

Let 'em. Cameras have never been much of a deterrence to crime. Some people will still do that shit whether they're aware of a camera or not. A lot of them wind up on youtube. -lol 😄


Odysseyan t1_j218ehx wrote

I guess Amazon thought "if it works in texas, it will work everywhere"


095449002 t1_j2012zq wrote

Package thieves are going to reinvigorate the falconry tradition.


cannibal_man t1_j20sgqy wrote

I want carrier pigeons to return. That way they can shit on package thieves.


timelyparadox t1_j235vu4 wrote

Given the size of these drones the falcon would be minced meat


SpecialNose9325 t1_j237beb wrote

Falconry isnt lost. Its practiced in UAE and people spend absurd amounts of money training and showing them off.


Borba02 t1_j1zrzh2 wrote

Lockeford California is a tiny farm town. At least it was the last I went through it. I guess they want a manageable sized market to test with first. Lockeford also has a really good butcher if you like farm to table sausage, some of the best. I didn't even realize there was a distribution center close enough to the town to service it. Practically all wine and cherry country.


mumblewrapper t1_j22tqzq wrote

It's so strange that Lockeford is the first place! I drive through there a lot. To say it's tiny seems like an understatement! And, yes, the sausage is good. But we drove through two days before Christmas and the line was around the block. It's not THAT good.


Furimbus t1_j1zskrj wrote

Are the drones remotely piloted by Amazon employees, or are they autonomous?


plopseven t1_j20rzz5 wrote

This will help when they malfunction and the company can blame an algorithm instead of their employees or business model; ie: what SouthWest did yesterday.


cannibal_man t1_j20skpd wrote

Until a disaster happens. Then they'll have to do a severe re-think.


Words_Are_Hrad t1_j23bf4w wrote

When the first one of these has a battery failure and it turns into an incendiary bomb on someones house this program is going to die. The insurance for these things is going to preclude shipping anything but stuff like emergency medical supplies.


cannibal_man t1_j25dnej wrote

Yeah and that will be much more dramatic than any delivery truck accident.

Mark my words, guaranteed.


nick_rhoads01 t1_j22v7mn wrote

Probably still safer compared to more trucks on the road


Cryptolution t1_j1zzd8l wrote

I can't wait for this to get banned. This drone delivery idea is massively fucking stupid.

It's like red light cameras. We all think it's a great idea until it fucks our reality up then we waste billions by outlawing the thing we already spent money on.

At least this is a private company whoses losses will be their own.

Has anyone actually thought of what life will be like when we constantly have dozens of these noisy fuckers flying over our head constantly? Won't be able to look at the sunset without dronepocalypse ...


linuxwes t1_j2036u4 wrote

The same argument could be made about telephone lines, airplanes, and lots of other technologies, yet we've managed to live with them. At least commercial drones can be easily regulated, I'm more concerned about hobbyists who DGAF about rules.


ross_guy t1_j205nh7 wrote

Except we suck at regulating existing tech, never mind new ones. We used to air on the side of safety for all, now it’s whoever can bribe the most.


skywalkerze t1_j20qd1y wrote

Let's never invent anything new, 'cause we suck at regulating tech.

Don't try to improve regulations and governments, why would you do such a thing?

Sounds like you are seriously saying we shouldn't have invented telephones and airplanes.


ThMogget t1_j20llkc wrote

You realize that delivery vehicles make more noise and smog and clog more streets, right?

Can’t look out the window without seeing the automotive apocalypse now.


Cryptolution t1_j2179c2 wrote

>You realize that delivery vehicles make more noise and smog and clog more streets, right?

USPS just announced electrifying their fleet. I also don't care if streets are filled with cars that's what they are designed to provide.

The air is NOT designed for your drone delivered antifungal anal cream your too lazy to drive to cvs to buy.


cannibal_man t1_j22yg84 wrote

> The air is NOT designed for your drone delivered antifungal anal cream your too lazy to drive to cvs to buy.

Basement hobby boys beg to differ... Either the drone gets it for them or mommy will.


cannibal_man t1_j20t5e2 wrote

> You realize that delivery vehicles make more noise and smog and clog more streets, right?

They're going electric as we speak.



Rpanich t1_j21utc2 wrote

Cars are bigger than drones and will still require more electricity?

If your argument is that you don’t want to see drones everywhere, you realise that you currently see delivery cars everywhere, and due to size, more of them?


cannibal_man t1_j21w7fw wrote

What's your point. Besides being pedantic comparing apples with oranges.

And no, I don't see delivery cars everywhere. Only the occasional one out here in the suburbs.


Rpanich t1_j21wnw8 wrote

So why do you think you’d see more drones when there would be the same amount of deliveries, now done with smaller delivery vehicles?

I live in the city, I see delivery cars all the time. And it would be great to have those roads for other uses.


cannibal_man t1_j21z1lt wrote

Yeah well I don't live in the city. At best I see one delivery driver a day.

That's better than having that shit buzzing over my head all the time.

And I don't mind if people shoot those intrusive things out of the sky, either.


DogofManyColors t1_j20s5jm wrote

I’m still waiting for red light cameras to get banned. Moved away from a place that had them and now my new Facebook neighborhood page is full of Karens screaming how we need them


reconrose t1_j21bi4y wrote

Wait why are red light cameras bad? Because they force you to go the speed limit? Sounds like they're working lol


PhillipBrandon t1_j22j4vx wrote

Back when Houston was turning them off (some... 12? years ago?) There was a study showing that they increased minor accidents by people stopping suddenly at reds, rather than cruising through a stale yellow that might turn as they passed, but didn't reduce the instances of major accidents of cars plowing brazenly through a solid red into traffic.

And there was a lot of hand-in-honeypot vendors taking slices of increased traffic fines etc. It looked like it was really a wealth-distribution scheme to middlemen with government contracts at least as much as it was any kind of traffic law enforcement strategy.

I've seem more favorable studies of them in the years sense, but that was the motivation I remember for having them removed once upon a time.


Ch3t t1_j2097sg wrote

First order one of these. Then wait for your neighbors to go to work. Yell in their window, "Alexa, order a PS5 and use Amazon Prime Air. Now you have a PS5 and a sweet drone.

Dammit! I forgot to logout. I'll be getting recommendations for butterfly nets for the next 10 years.


chrisdh79 OP t1_j1zppen wrote

From the article: Amazon has begun delivering orders by drone. Amazon Prime Air is now operating in Lockeford, Calif. and College Station, Texas, delivering a small number of packages just in time for Christmas.

In August of this year, the retail giant received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones for package deliveries. The maximum payload for Prime Air is 5 lb, and Amazon says that 85 percent of its shipments fall under that weight.

Residents of both towns can sign up for the service, and Amazon will then confirm that the company can deliver safely to the customer's address. Once an order is placed, the customer gets an estimated delivery time and tracking info.

"The drone will fly to the designated delivery location, descend to the customer's backyard, and hover at a safe height," Amazon said. "It will then safely release the package and rise back up to altitude."

Lockeford is a small, rural town of about 3,500 residents located about 50 miles southeast of Sacramento and just northwest of Stockton, making it an ideal location to pilot drone delivery. College Station is roughly 100 miles northwest of Houston and is the home of Texas A&M University.


fade2black244 t1_j20beu5 wrote

What if they are in an Apartment?


cannibal_man t1_j20stez wrote

Gee, I don't think they thought that one out at all.


ben7337 t1_j20pq2s wrote

It probably either goes to an open area near the unit in question, or is restricted to a select set of addresses that exclude apartments or multi-unit dwellings.


Professor226 t1_j23wz65 wrote

“Residents of both towns can sign up for the service, and Amazon will then confirm that the company can deliver safely to the customer’s address.”

You didn’t even have to open the article! Just read the comment you are commenting on.


SparkStormrider t1_j20rqnw wrote

I want to see the drone that delivers a washer and/or dryer. 😂😂


themastermatt t1_j20jeas wrote

Could they maybe start with accurate delivery times on the current process? Infuriating to see "Delivery tomorrow!" that changes after ordering to "really meant day after tomorrow", then to "ah, to be honest - itll be 3-5 days now" ending in "sorry, its delayed - but if you havent seen it in another few days let us know!"


basshead17 t1_j200div wrote

I, for one, don't want drones flying over my roof all the time


lvsnowden t1_j210tmt wrote

You could always move to a less populated area, like the woods.

EDIT: Someone complains about delivery trucks all over the road and you tell them to move to the woods. You complain about drones flying over your roof and I suggest moving to the woods and I get downvoted. Weird.


wazwsxedc19 t1_j20sum2 wrote

Ooh. It’s duck hunt. With prizes.


playhelicoptergame t1_j21928r wrote

These are "proof of concept" operations and studies on how to safely integrate drones into the national airspace. There are already a number of drone companies making deliveries in the United States. See: Zipline, Google Wing and DroneUp.

FAA regulations around drone operations, furthermore delivery are complex and evolving. There are a lot of uneducated assumptions in the comments. The FAA grants exemptions, waivers and special permissions to operators on a case by case safety basis and there are electronic systems in place to support this. For example, if you plan to fly within 5 miles of an airport you can file and obtain permission electronically through the LAANC system.

I encourage those looking for more information to review FAA part 107, 135 carrier operations and the public waiver database for more information.

(Source: I've worked and enabled drone delivery operations, many of which, were first of their kind in this space for over 10 years)


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j21gyic wrote

I need a 50 lb kettle bell in 60 minutes or I’m going to Walmart! 30 drones show up all roped to it


MrZimothy t1_j1zyxro wrote

One has to wonder the implications of these having cameras.


fade2black244 t1_j20bmso wrote

Just waiting for someone to remote hack them and invent a fancy new way to steal packages.


chicano32 t1_j20qji3 wrote

You mean like plinking them with a rifle?


626c6f775f6d65 t1_j210v7u wrote

Be great if it works. As I type this I’m still waiting for a package that was due December 23, then bumped to 24, then delayed until yesterday, and now showing due tomorrow. It shipped over a week ago from a warehouse in the same state. 60 minute delivery when they can’t even get it three hours away in a week? C’mon.


BoricPenguin t1_j21xv9x wrote

Yeah this is just asnine, and frankly I wish the government would ban this shit!

This isn't actually faster or better it's wasteful, because all they want to do is reduce the cost of hiring people and that's it.

All this will do is cause of ton of ewaste.


Revolutionary-Ad4588 t1_j21h9dy wrote

Only a few more generations and we’ll have those sweet pneumatic tubes like in Futurama


splifflord t1_j21koav wrote

I’ll blow my brains out in front my entire family if I have to live with hearing fucking drones carrying q-tips to my neighbors house because they’re too lazy to go to the store themselves


JGratsch t1_j21oayp wrote

60 minutes? Can’t even do two days any more.


texansfan t1_j21xgkh wrote

Definitely what every neighborhood in America needs, high pitched humming delivering packages that should be shipped together instead of being dropped off immediately, which almost is never needed because their prime now covers like 2% of their projects


LifeBuilder t1_j203jv4 wrote

PVC piping and fishing net stock is about to blow up. Invest now!


GoneFishing36 t1_j208pbg wrote

Deliver within 60 mins? People can't plan one day in advance anymore, nor live one day without perfection.

These 5 lbs drones must be freaking loud, terrible trade-off for quiet, quality living space.


Tedstor t1_j20hykv wrote

Good. I’m tired of this slow ass one day delivery.


Chrisppity t1_j20yh82 wrote

I live in DC. This will never see the light of day where I live, but it makes sense for rural places.


disasterbot t1_j2119ao wrote

Open source plans for electronic jamming gun please.


Gilthu t1_j214oed wrote

Great, now the homeless people will final have stuff after they reinvent the crossbow and longbow.


heybart t1_j2160ev wrote

Yeah and tax payers get to foot the police bill for being Amazon's private security guards


XonikzD t1_j21bte6 wrote

Porch pirates going to chase these with bolos.


gneo_watanabe t1_j21m03b wrote

How ling until the first one is shot down in Texas? I bet on two weeks.


No-Net-8237 t1_j21mxng wrote

So their guaranteed 60min delivery will also take 5 days.


madtricky687 t1_j21s8ph wrote

I'm so good on this. I give amazon no permission to come into my airspace lol.


Staav t1_j2287af wrote

Inb4 ppl fuck with the drones


adamhanson t1_j228hpb wrote

It’ll be so calm, and at some point where the novelty wears off


Due-Reading6335 t1_j22rbyl wrote

Huge business opportunity, but you could probably contract a returns + drone drop off with amazon if you maintain the property and meet security standards


BrokenLranch t1_j22zc0g wrote

I love 4 miles outside Lockeford. It isn’t even a dot on most maps. Very rural outside the city limits which may be 2 square miles if that. It’s claim to fame is Lockeford Meat Co. which has thee best sausages on the planet. You can’t miss it, a block away from the only stop light for miles and full size cow on the roof.


qb89dragon t1_j2336l3 wrote

My tree lined street in Oakland challenges this.


Zear-0 t1_j23389x wrote

Id like to see one of these supersonic drones…


GonzoTheWhatever t1_j239ll8 wrote

So…they want to get this new delivery time down to 60 minutes, and yet they can’t even consistently deliver on their current 2-Day Prime Shipping benefits??

Lol okay Amazon, suuurrreee 👌


londons_explorer t1_j23cp3x wrote

I think 60 minutes is crap.

I want deliveries within 5 minutes.

The products can already be boxed and attached to a drone. And then when someone orders that product, the drone takes off and flies at 100 mph to your address.

100 mph for 5 minutes is 8 miles, which covers a 16 mile diameter circle, a few of which would fully cover even large cities.

And there are plenty of drones which can fly 100 mph - world record small drones go nearly 200 mph.


MyroIII t1_j24bvqg wrote

I think under 30 mins is reasonable. That's faster than any trip to a local store and increases the radius of who can get service.

Now to get them to deliver pizzas :p


trogon t1_j27n29z wrote

That's still too slow. Mini cruise missiles are what I want.


monchota t1_j24kbnr wrote

Its not going to be effective in most places, for example my town already made laws against this.


tbochristopher t1_j27v6vv wrote

Wait until we learn that the package drones have a camera and other sensors that have been gathering data that we never agreed to.


AaronDotCom t1_j28iue6 wrote

They'd be both invading people's airspace to the point it can legally be shot down and/or be flying so up high any object could be possibly deadly if it falls in somebody's head

Imagine the noise pollution


bigsnow999 t1_j211lwc wrote

What are the mechanisms they use to prevent slingshots from pitch pirates?


Intelligent-Day-6976 t1_j21exwv wrote

Shotguns out it's hunting time

Do these things have emp protection?? Asking for a friend


There was a old tail about when monies fall from the sky's


chicano32 t1_j20qsy9 wrote

How are you going to tell the difference between amazon order and drugs/weapons being shipped when someone can copy the look of an Amazon drone?!


lvsnowden t1_j210e3y wrote

Well, if the drone is flying over the border or a prison wall, it might not be Amazon.