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grapesinajar t1_j1ifb6h wrote

I'd love to hibernate for a few millennia until the human race learns how to live together in peace.


glacialthinker t1_j1iu5u6 wrote

Then it turns out several generations of genetic and sociological shifts in tandem were required... and the obsolete "tainted" humans in hibernation had to be "peacefully euthanized".


Skud_NZ t1_j1isxk0 wrote

Haven't you watched idiocracy?


cock-fan t1_j1kcj8b wrote

Insurgents and welfare leaches are having the most kids. The future is dim.


compugasm t1_j1iv7d3 wrote

You'll be revived and placed in a zoo.


Inconceivable-2020 t1_j1ivrg8 wrote

By the Intelligent racoons that inherited the Earth after humanity killed itself off.


compugasm t1_j1iy75q wrote

I was thinking, more like by the genetic super babies. When they grow up, and take over the world, thanks to their enhanced physiology and brain power.


IAMSNORTFACED t1_j1os42d wrote

Read on stories on people who where 15 years + in prison without much exposure to the free world. What was there experience coming out was, even something as simple as most of our daily digital lives can be hard.

Now X1000 , your closed relatives are some great x10 grand kids and you have no idea wtf is going on


Fairstrife_Deception t1_j1jafen wrote

You are likely not being able to live in these Utopia. Cause pretty much everyone is in need of Drama/People talk and debate/conflict. The end of the capitalism and Competition in every sector of the life.

A world of real peace is where these zero way for each individual to be in anykind of interaction with each other in short.

So in fact if hat kind of stuff happen, One of the main aspect of the humanity is gone so humanity dont exist anymore.

being Brain-chipsed for removing our Egos and primate instincts of revenge and our culture of justice. Borg are not human.


AwfulEveryone t1_j1i7y3t wrote

A multi year lockdown is not called a hibernation :p


seksismart t1_j1iz6tr wrote

This article is interesting but it serves no functional use in its given state in humans.

The methodology really impressed me. I have been out of the field for around 10 years now and seeing it develop this much made me sad I left sciences.

Edited google autocorrect issues....


squidduck t1_j1lzdzs wrote

What did you do before?


seksismart t1_j1n0wzy wrote

Anything from RA work to pharma industry.

Molecular bio and neuropsych undergrad from a fancy unie.


ace02786 t1_j1jy20l wrote

Useful for long journeys in space.. or preserving wallfacers once we're facing invasion by the Trisolarians...


Whitino t1_j1kmlzs wrote

Honestly, if they are looking for human volunteers, I would be willing to hibernate for an indefinite amount of time, and would ask to be reanimated when science and technology have advanced to the point of helping me treat and cure my unusual health issue.


aquarain t1_j1jbs07 wrote

It's pretty clear from the paper that the monkeys felt cold. Doesn't sound like a fun trip.


SergiuBru t1_j1imy77 wrote

Or useful for inmates...


ruffneckting t1_j1itfo4 wrote

Retina coding accepted, Warden William Smithers. Be well.


seksismart t1_j1izbsq wrote

Primates, inmates... When it comes to animal testing it's all the same.


shipsAreWeird123 t1_j1m1tkb wrote

To what end?

Hibernate through your prison sentence and then come back when people have forgotten?


SergiuBru t1_j1mjz15 wrote

Less maintenance for the system, the sentence goes by quickly for the inmate. At the end it will feel like years lost from their lives. More reason to be a better citizen.


Livermore124 t1_j1leqt4 wrote

Another step closer to idiocracy.


frodosbitch t1_j1j8oa6 wrote

If you were making a space trip, would you rather sleep for 5 years and lose that time of your life? Or stay awake and half to fight off the boredom of being trapped in a small canister for that long.


anlumo t1_j1kt7cm wrote

It’s a matter of not needing to carry the food for that time as well. Humans eat a lot when they’re awake.


saintpetejackboy t1_j1kusv7 wrote

I think there are other problems with stasis - we aren't really built to do that. The cognitive process during that time would need to be thoroughly investigated - are you just in some long dream? Do you cycle in and out of dreams? Each person might react different and extending the period may introduce additional physiological and psychological concerns.

Based on what we typically see with comas, I'd estimate we could do something like 5 years kind of safely - but beyond that, probably pushing insanity or coming back as what is essentially an invalid.


BostonRich t1_j1k5jdw wrote

Once again, science fiction predicts the future.


px4855 t1_j1kgb42 wrote

Imagine it would be similar to the sleep pods in Avatar or in the movie Aliens, but the wish version.


Eywadevotee t1_j1kv6i0 wrote

Good maybe i can finally get some rest.❤


2020Dystopian t1_j1m0fgn wrote

Xi put China’s economy in a coma for the next ten years at least.


ClammyHandedFreak t1_j1j6c6b wrote

I kind of hope humanity has to stay here. We are dangerous.