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Brohemoth_Slayer t1_j20s4iz wrote

You kind of just got trolled by 3 different people, but thanks for the explanation!


cosmosgalactichero t1_j2393m4 wrote

I really wasn't trying to troll. I just didn't understand the article or why/how it could be significant. In excited that it could bring fusion energy closer to reality.


Brohemoth_Slayer t1_j23ssln wrote

If you read back to here from the first comment, it's kind of funny though..


Vailhem OP t1_j21907f wrote

I've been picking up some (more?) haters of late.. it happens.

like fleas, they're an itch that'll get scratched soon enough. 😅


cosmosgalactichero t1_j2396x7 wrote

Thank you for taking the time to explain the article. Not all of us understand science at this level. I still find it fascinating.