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dudeN7 t1_j14ggto wrote

How could MS owing Activision make anything worse? Seriously, ABK is the worst, greediest and most anti-consumer games publisher on our planet right now. It can't get worse. CoD will remain multiplat and there's a chance that the other games remain multiplat as well.

There have been so many mergers and buyouts recently that actually impacted many areas of the world's economics and they passes without any issues. MS buying a game publisher is irrelevant in comparison.

Also, they're still far from a monopoly afterwards.


Ok_Championship_2180 t1_j16qmxi wrote

They will take cod off PlayStation as soon as they can, just like they did with Bethesda games after they said they wouldn’t.


phantompower_48v t1_j14tzqh wrote

How has any mega merger in any industry made things better for consumers? If this goes through MS will clean house at Activision-blizzard while leaning into the most profitable aspects of the acquisition, which is pay-to-play/micro transaction heavy games. They’ll just continue to milk as much as they can from the acquired IP, instead of creating something new It’s delusional to think this would be good for the industry and for consumers.