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EasterBunnyArt t1_j25h6gp wrote

And not like there is a giant list of “these people were fired and can’t be let in any more”.

Would be depressing for current employees and how could you update it to reflect the fired people working for a subsidiary or having become contractors?


question_sunshine t1_j25hpwc wrote

What are you on about? Every job I have worked in for the last 10 years required a badge to swipe in and out of the building, and the badges can be deactivated remotely. The security guard sitting at the front desk doesn't have to look at a giant list and match it with your face, the little light turns red or green. The little gate does or doesn't open.


HackSlashBurn t1_j26j0p1 wrote

Bingo. As well: Been fired? Quit for greener pastures? Fail a drug test? Guess what the physical security office is supposed to be aaaaaall over? Yeah. I see a huge, government-wide revamp, funded for 10 years. Everybody gets vetted again (background checks are already done annually instead of every three years) and a new office/appointed secretary gets d’jinned up. Instead of actually holding someone accountable and firing their ass, of course.


EasterBunnyArt t1_j25luuf wrote

Okay, and no one ever walked into a door after someone badged in? Fucking ever?

Dude get off your high horse and embrace reality.

Aside from our mutual snark at each other, there are myriad ways to get into buildings. Physical penetration companies exist for a reason and some have shown that conventional security measures are easily beatable even for casual individuals once you know their weakness.

I liked the one video where a security door had a motion sensor on the inside and would unlock so people did not have to swipe to leave.

Turns out that if the doors is not properly sealed simply vapping into the crack can trigger the motion sensor and open the door from the inside.


Procrasturbating t1_j261vcm wrote

You aren't wrong. Reality vs security theater. Former employees know how to game the system. Short of a security guard being at every entrance, people will piggy-back on another badge holder. Just be carrying a pile of boxes, and avoid the by-the-book types. You already know who would let it slide in another dept, excuse you have seen them do it before.


emcee_gee t1_j26m9xx wrote

I worked for a big insurance company fifteen years ago and all the entrances at headquarters had revolving doors that would start going backwards if they detected more than one person. Piggybacking can certainly be prevented if you spend enough money.


Procrasturbating t1_j26ml3v wrote

Can be prevented.. but not every location has a huge budget.


drterdsmack t1_j26xf9z wrote

It's the fuckin DHS


Procrasturbating t1_j26xsdo wrote

Ha.. you ever worked for the government? People become complicit.. budgets get allocated unevenly.. contractors generally follow rules to keep contracts, but actual government.. not always.