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cesium-sandwich t1_j1ctjtl wrote

Where's my check?


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nova9001 t1_j1d4vyn wrote

Last quarter profit is $4.3bn. $725m settlement is a joke. I am sure they are going to stop doing it.


culturedgoat t1_j1d7dig wrote

They were also fined $5B by the FTC and have independent auditors installed to police data security on the third-party app platform. The kind of data that CA was requesting via their app literally can’t be accessed now. Large swathes of the API functionality was shut down.


nova9001 t1_j1db77g wrote

No issue as long as they share the data with NSA. Who knows what's going on behind closed doors.


culturedgoat t1_j1dbpv2 wrote

The developer platform (which is what CA used to build an app to harvest data) is open though, so you can literally verify first-hand what user data is available to third-party apps. It wouldn’t be possible now to perform data-collection on the scale that Cambridge Analytica did. You can test this directly.


SimbaOnSteroids t1_j1f3azb wrote

Just because an API isn’t publicly facing doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


culturedgoat t1_j1f4jkg wrote

Not sure what point you’re trying to make? The Cambridge Analytica data collection was all done via public APIs.


SimbaOnSteroids t1_j1f4pjs wrote

The person you were replying to was implying the NSA (other alphabet soup agencies) have special access that’s not listed in their public facing API’s.


culturedgoat t1_j1f579z wrote

What does that have to do with Cambridge Analytica?


SimbaOnSteroids t1_j1f830t wrote

Only that they’re likely committing the same gross ethics violations, but likely on a larger scale.


fwiw-info t1_j1dlwyc wrote

From my perspective, and what they've communicated publicly, privacy and user safety is a top concern at Meta. Pretty much every day we're scrutinizing and making decisions to keep user data private and safe.


basic_maddie t1_j1f4sby wrote

17% of profits is a pretty good deterrent if you ask me.


nova9001 t1_j1gmg5s wrote

17% of their quarterly profits is a good deterrent? My lord.....


basic_maddie t1_j1gmlb9 wrote

I overlooked the “quarter”, my bad. Annual would’ve been reasonable though


nova9001 t1_j1go5yt wrote

17% annual profits isn't good enough either. If they can make enough to cover that, they would do it again.


culturedgoat t1_j1gwda3 wrote

You’re talking like Facebook (now Meta) somehow benefited from Cambridge Analytica’s skullduggery. This was all done on the sly, through deception and misuse of public APIs, and the company didn’t even know what was going on until it was too late (which was a key aspect of the scandal). So I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say they would “do it again”…


Accomplished_Band877 t1_j1czbb2 wrote

“and used the information gathered to target individuals with personally tailored messages. “

Messages designed to enrage people into voting for the politicians that were paying CA.


SpaceMayka t1_j1f0n4u wrote

Well two of it’s founders were Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer so basically the company was started by donors and politicians in order to spread misinformation about their active campaigns. Worked wonders for brexit and trump.

Really crazy how a few bad actors with lots of money can cause so much damage to the world, and with the growing power of data it will only get worse. I did some research into the psychographic fueled practices used by Cambridge Analytica and that stuff is scary. Basically a machine where you input money for ads on one side and change opinions/radicalize a person on the other side.


joeblow555 t1_j1doyik wrote

Money is no penalty or deterrent for a company's illegal activities when you're talking insignificant sums. The direct people, and the entire P&L chain responsible needs to go to fucking jail if we want a deterrent in place.


goomyman t1_j1eyvqs wrote

Fines need to come with jail time. Fines can’t be too large or companies layoff unrelated staff. Too small and they don’t discourage anything.

Fines need to be micro targeted and come out of the pockets of those responsible, not the companies as well as criminal charges where appropriate.

It’s never targeted at the people who causes the issues, it’s the general public that suffers.

Like tarrifs on countries. The rich government leaders are minority inconvenienced while the citizens are fucked.


ekkidee t1_j1d7v0j wrote

"We'll do better next time, I promise."

--Marky Mark


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j1dnlj2 wrote

And cost the USA our economy, our standing in the world and hundreds of thousands of lives unnecessarily lost to Covid. But, sure, fine them a few week's profits for their outrageous, treasonous actions.


Blackadder_ t1_j1cxzlq wrote

What’s a billion here and there when you’ve made 100s of Billions from it. It’s like sales tax for Meta corps


nicuramar t1_j1d1lx0 wrote

Who did? Facebook didn't make money from this; the data was obtained by CA freely, on the app platform.


StayAdmiral t1_j1cwerk wrote

Given, they were given access to the personal data of millions of facefuck users.


culturedgoat t1_j1d76b2 wrote

Eh, sort of… Each user consented to the CA app having access to some of their personal data, when accessing the app for the first time. The kicker is that the app was masquerading as a benign personality test, when in fact the data was being used for something else entirely. So I don’t think it’s right to blame the users for handing over their data in this case…


neuronexmachina t1_j1dvgip wrote

Part of the problem is that FB's API at the time not only allowed an app access to a user's data, but also a lot of the personal data for their FB friends as well. That's how CA got access to data for 50M users -- there certainly weren't 50M users of their app.


culturedgoat t1_j1e3ecb wrote

You could pull a user’s friends list, yeah. You couldn’t actually get much more data on the friends themselves (unless they too went on to authorise the app…), other than the person’s name, and the user ID - which turned out to be enough for CA to be able to construct a shadow replica of the FB friend connections graph…


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Krizz-Toff t1_j1e66em wrote

Do the people get the money for having their private data stolen and shared and manipulated and sold on to 3rd and 4th parties? Nope, didnt think so.


aquarain t1_j1ddc49 wrote

Facebook needs to be punished for their role. CA was dissolved already, but it was created to do this one job and then fold anyway.

You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Nefarious actors built deep psychological profiles on everyone. They mapped it to social links, records public private and hacked including credit reports, jobs, voting. They got your buttons.

The only way to escape manipulation is to turn it all off.


Prudent_Psychology57 t1_j1dl9xi wrote

Dissolved in name only if I recall. In that the main players still operated in similar roles and businesses.


aquarain t1_j1dly2e wrote

They split to the winds. But yes, most of the individuals still practice their specialty. In some cases that's notorious, in others not so much. Retraining is hard.


pickleer t1_j1d41tm wrote

How can this be any kind of an equitable number??


copylefty t1_j1dyjy0 wrote

Peanuts. What a joke. No motivation for trash company to change behavior.


JakeTheCake72 t1_j1dhv1l wrote

I really don’t get why the fines are so lax on this stuff. If we want it to stop the fines need to be actually an incentive not to do then crime. Instead nobody is held accountable and the people who are hurt(information sold) don’t get anything :/


NoxicRox t1_j1dinat wrote

$3 per person is a joke lmfao.


[deleted] t1_j1el879 wrote

You can provide free college for 1/2 college students with e these funds! Just put it to work! Who gets this monies?


phantomranch t1_j1g35yi wrote

Zuck is without scruples, merit or honor. Just another whore at the capitalist gangbang.


NeedleworkerOk6537 t1_j1l56z9 wrote

*and psychologically manipulated them to change the outcome of the 2016 election. Changing election outcomes was one of the services features listed on SCL’s website before they took it down.

EDIT: Link to article


Hortos t1_j1dp8ry wrote

Gained access by millions of people giving consent lol. Just because a huge amount of people can’t be bothered to read.