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culturedgoat t1_j1d7dig wrote

They were also fined $5B by the FTC and have independent auditors installed to police data security on the third-party app platform. The kind of data that CA was requesting via their app literally can’t be accessed now. Large swathes of the API functionality was shut down.


nova9001 t1_j1db77g wrote

No issue as long as they share the data with NSA. Who knows what's going on behind closed doors.


culturedgoat t1_j1dbpv2 wrote

The developer platform (which is what CA used to build an app to harvest data) is open though, so you can literally verify first-hand what user data is available to third-party apps. It wouldn’t be possible now to perform data-collection on the scale that Cambridge Analytica did. You can test this directly.


SimbaOnSteroids t1_j1f3azb wrote

Just because an API isn’t publicly facing doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


culturedgoat t1_j1f4jkg wrote

Not sure what point you’re trying to make? The Cambridge Analytica data collection was all done via public APIs.


SimbaOnSteroids t1_j1f4pjs wrote

The person you were replying to was implying the NSA (other alphabet soup agencies) have special access that’s not listed in their public facing API’s.


culturedgoat t1_j1f579z wrote

What does that have to do with Cambridge Analytica?


SimbaOnSteroids t1_j1f830t wrote

Only that they’re likely committing the same gross ethics violations, but likely on a larger scale.


fwiw-info t1_j1dlwyc wrote

From my perspective, and what they've communicated publicly, privacy and user safety is a top concern at Meta. Pretty much every day we're scrutinizing and making decisions to keep user data private and safe.