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EyeLikeTheStonk t1_j1464fr wrote

seat belt pretensioner have a small explosive charge that produce hot exhaust gases. If the hot gases are too close to a flammable item, there is a small risk that the item could catch fire.


poropog t1_j14t6eu wrote

Wow, how many anti-EV trolls won't bother to read past the headline before running with this?


guynamedjames t1_j152yjb wrote

All of them? Those idiots don't care about facts, just narrative


MechaSkippy t1_j167gic wrote

It this was a Tesla, I'm pretty sure people would have screamed this in my face as I walked down the street.


Wants-NotNeeds t1_j180psr wrote

And WHO framed the headline knowing good and well battery fires are on the forefront of people’s minds when they read the headline


74orangebeetle t1_j14e3ji wrote

TIL, I was pretty confused at first when I saw them talking about exhaust gas. Had no idea seatbelt pretensioners worked like this.


Jeramus t1_j15tw93 wrote

Airbags use explosives as well. I thought my car was on fire for a second after an accident until I realized it was just smoke from the airbag.


[deleted] t1_j1617oa wrote



74orangebeetle t1_j16zweh wrote

I am aware of that. I was more surprised by them being in an EV (you know without the presence of a battery fire or something)


Jeramus t1_j15to34 wrote

I have a Bolt in the recall. The notice said the remedy is to put foil around the seat belt pretensioner. I guess that will stop the gas/sparks from reaching the carpet.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j163t16 wrote

Ahh, I was wondering why in newer cars you don't get that annoying locking-up of the seatbelt when you pull it out.

I guess the explosive type is faster, smaller, and cheaper.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j163a82 wrote

In the middle of a car crash? Probably not the biggest worry, tbh.


Badfickle t1_j148h2x wrote

At least its not the batteries again.