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anti-torque t1_j1ax1rl wrote

It's not competition if it does the service google abandoned years ago.


wannabe414 t1_j1b7s06 wrote

Which service are we talking about?


inkypinkyblinkyclyde t1_j1br5sj wrote

Search optimized for clarity and accuracy of results instead of optimized for profit.


HolyAndOblivious t1_j1d6q0o wrote

google searches are functionally useless. They used to be decent 10 years ago. Right now, its 50% promotional content.


aoechamp t1_j1dmp66 wrote

More like 20 years ago. Google was already going downhill in 2012


upvoatsforall t1_j1dr1t2 wrote

More like 30 years years ago. Google was going downhill in 2002


aoechamp t1_j1dtxbk wrote

More like 40 years ago. Google was already going downhill in 1992. Oh, wait…