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Yeahha t1_j1bc909 wrote

ChatGPT will need to be free and available to replace Google search function.

Maybe Google will start trying to filter out AI generated ad sites and quit pushing their own ads for 65% of results to try to avoid losing traffic, but I suspect they will double down with ads and ad sites.


strawberrymacaroni t1_j1eej4s wrote

I don’t know… I would never pay any money for Google services as a non-business owner but I would pay for chatgpt because it can actually do functions for me that are part of my job and save me some very valuable time.


MegaKetaWook t1_j1euncm wrote

The real money is from businesses, not consumers. Google Ad services are really valuable, and if you're an SEO expert who can get first-page search results, you're even more valuable.


strawberrymacaroni t1_j1f0gi7 wrote

But if consumers (like me) are opting for another service en masse, the premium Google charges businesses takes a huge hit.