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nicuramar t1_j1d1yy9 wrote

> it’s now so filled with ads and garbage that it’s almost functionally useless.

I think that's a huge exaggeration. I use it several times each day, and mostly find what I look for. Ad supported search results are at the top and marked as such.


Successful_Speech439 t1_j1dcr06 wrote

Which is annoying, I shouldn’t have to scroll halfway down the page to get my actual search results


not_a_conman t1_j1ea90e wrote

And then half the non-ad results are some garbage AI generated article that doesn’t actually answer your question. That’s why I usually end up on Reddit for answers one way or another. I do usually search Reddit results through Google though… so I guess that’s helpful?


maru11 t1_j1efncf wrote

Or one of the 200 Sites that are just a scam clone of Stackoverflow Q&As


misterclay t1_j1dr6xe wrote

lol, imagine complaining about having to use your mouse wheel for half a second


cyrusm t1_j1ddads wrote

Then use an alternative service.


Successful_Speech439 t1_j1decon wrote

I do 😂 fuck Google. It’s a last resort when I absolutely can’t find what I’m looking for.


mav3r1ck92691 t1_j1eacwa wrote

If it's your go-to "last resort when you can't find what your looking for," wouldn't that make it better than what you are using? It finds the answer when your "usual" source cannot?


Successful_Speech439 t1_j1eg1xq wrote

Nah, just means what I’m looking for is so obscure, almost no one bothered making a web page for.


Thehibernator t1_j1f4gnk wrote

So google is finding the obscure thing with relative ease vs it's competitors?


Successful_Speech439 t1_j1f5nxr wrote

Honestly no and you Google shills are fuckin obnoxious


Thehibernator t1_j1f5z2z wrote

It’s not even my preferred search engine but what you said made no sense, just sayin