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bkornblith t1_j1d2twd wrote

I can find better information using Reddit or other websites at least half the time because of how terrible Google results are at this point.


Spaceman-Spiff t1_j1dojzr wrote

But reddits search feature is horrible.


tidder_mac t1_j1drvlq wrote

Gotta Google what you’re looking into, because Google does still have an amazing underlying product.

But to filter out all the bullshit that Google now prioritizes to make money for themselves, you should include the site you want. “Reddit” in this case.


Sycosplat t1_j1dyfey wrote

Yup, normal results (below the bunch of sponsored ads) are just filled with results leading to "review" websites and blogs listing the 10 best types of whatever you are searching for, but then it's just affiliate marketing crap, where each review reading like it was written by a marketing team.

The only way to get what feels like a genuine opinion is to put in "reddit" so you can at least attempt to find a real answer and not just trying to sell to you.