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CardioKillsYourGains t1_j1d3btk wrote

I would. Google has been poorly managed for the last decade.

They create a product, it does well. Then they kill it, only to replace it with two products that do the exact same thing but worse. Then once people start using it again, they rename it no less than three times, before merging the functionality into a different app. Then they just delete that feature for no reason in an update.

The cycle repeats.


bkornblith t1_j1d6zuy wrote

Msft has done way better and Google has made a lot of mistakes, but I wouldn’t count Google out. Betting against a company with almost limitless capital at a moment when capital is very expensive feels like a bad bet at this moment.


Alberiman t1_j1ect1o wrote

The problem with limitless capital is it's a lot like being an emperor with a massive army, it gives you an unrivaled level of confidence that whatever you choose to do is the correct decision because you never feel the consequences in any meaningful way

then one day you wake up and the peasants are inside the castle walls and calling your name


bkornblith t1_j1edca4 wrote

Oh definitely - I just don’t think we’re near that day yet…. Not to say it won’t come


stockist420 t1_j1d6aco wrote

This. Nearly 90 % of their revenue is from advertising, bulk from google search engine. What is the upside anyway in the current high rate environment? What is the downside- plenty