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Vulcan_MasterRace t1_j1az664 wrote

If you haven't used ChatGPT yet....I suggest you do... It's a game changer for sure.


Maharsi t1_j1b3aby wrote

Won't someone think of Google's bottomline!? If we use AI, google won't make that $208 billion a year in ad revenue 😭



fingergelix t1_j1b93t3 wrote

Interesting opportunity for Microsoft given their relationship with OpenAI.


Yeahha t1_j1bc909 wrote

ChatGPT will need to be free and available to replace Google search function.

Maybe Google will start trying to filter out AI generated ad sites and quit pushing their own ads for 65% of results to try to avoid losing traffic, but I suspect they will double down with ads and ad sites.


Johnchuk t1_j1bs45m wrote

wtf is chatgpt, and why am i seeing it everywhere?


Johnothy_Cumquat t1_j1chx54 wrote

it's really good at "what's that word that starts with a p and means..." sort of questions. Imagine a search engine that doesn't just search the web for keywords but can interpret what you're looking for and find that


bkornblith t1_j1cohva wrote

Google’s main product (search) has gotten meaningfully worse for the last decade… it’s now so filled with ads and garbage that it’s almost functionally useless. This isn’t even about ChatGPT… this is about Google failing to make their product work for anyone other than advertisers.


bigkoi t1_j1cqpls wrote

Article is from MSN ( Microsoft Network). LOL!


stockist420 t1_j1cv47x wrote

Have you used it? I gave it a bunch of items and said i want cook something with it. It gave me like 6 recipes explained in detail. Haven’t used google in last 4 days. Now I first try it on gpt and then go to google. Shorting google stock for me is a no brainer


MinimumHairGlow t1_j1cvkoy wrote

Yeah I was so impressed.

5 years ago we had a project at our university and we had to use a very unpopular and old programming language. We spent hours and hours on very little problems like "how to fill an dynamic array".

With ChatGPT I had my answers for most of these questions in a few minutes, WITH code examples. A few minutes for what 20 students needed multiple days for, with google.


nicuramar t1_j1d1yy9 wrote

> it’s now so filled with ads and garbage that it’s almost functionally useless.

I think that's a huge exaggeration. I use it several times each day, and mostly find what I look for. Ad supported search results are at the top and marked as such.


weirdallocation t1_j1d2v9g wrote

What will they do? Buy OpenAI?


Seriously, they have so many engineers working for them, what do they actually do? They could probably lay off half of them and it would not impact Google, since they have not had an internal developed successful product for a long time.


CardioKillsYourGains t1_j1d3btk wrote

I would. Google has been poorly managed for the last decade.

They create a product, it does well. Then they kill it, only to replace it with two products that do the exact same thing but worse. Then once people start using it again, they rename it no less than three times, before merging the functionality into a different app. Then they just delete that feature for no reason in an update.

The cycle repeats.


paxfuturus t1_j1d5zwn wrote

While it is true that traditional search engines can provide quick and simple answers to cooking queries, ChatGTP offers much more advanced capabilities. For example, ChatGTP can understand and respond to more complex and nuanced requests, such as asking for recipe variations or substitutions. It can also engage in more in-depth conversations, providing detailed explanations and recommendations based on user preferences and dietary restrictions. Additionally, ChatGTP can learn and adapt over time, becoming more efficient and personalized in its responses. These features make ChatGTP a superior choice for those seeking more than just basic recipe information.

P.s. that was AI generated by ChatGTP as a custom response to your criticism. One thing I'll note though is that it is also way better at delivering recipes than Google is. No offense.


bkornblith t1_j1d6zuy wrote

Msft has done way better and Google has made a lot of mistakes, but I wouldn’t count Google out. Betting against a company with almost limitless capital at a moment when capital is very expensive feels like a bad bet at this moment.


bigkoi t1_j1d893o wrote

Understood. The point is it's not difficult for Google to pivot here as Google has the share of endpoints for an assistant. Google obviously has the technology with Lambda.

Here is the difference between Open AI and Google. Open AI can afford to have bad responses and potential racist responses being generated. Google can not. I would imagine Google is busy tuning out all the potential brand damaging responses prior to unleashing it's Lambda capabilities into their assistant.


[deleted] t1_j1d95s6 wrote

Google getting Hadoop'd OVER AND OVER AGAIN

They never learn...


paxfuturus t1_j1d9r2s wrote

The issue of racism is overstated for OpenAI and understated for Google. Those are absolutely problems that have to be considered, but Google has been doing that for decades and they're still dealing with people getting radicalized on YouTube. If anything its less likely on OpenAI because it's conversationally intuitive.

The big difference is that OpenAI is giving actual AI access to users in a much more tangible way, and also in a way that provides superior a search experience to Google for tons of applications. That's why Google is freaking out, they've been focused on profiteering in search and not service and it really shows. As innovative as Google likes to portray themselves as being, they are an old established player and a monopoly which is why we haven't seen this kind of innovation sooner even though it's been possible for quite some time. Monopolies stifle innovation and competition, that's why we have antitrust laws.

On a philosophical note, OpenAI's focus on research and development of advanced AI technologies sets it apart from Google, which primarily uses AI for financially expedient applications. Google is not a social enterprise. And even though OpenAI isn't non-profit anymore, they are profit capped. All that allows OpenAI to push the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence and contribute to the field in a meaningful way. Being a newer company also allows for greater flexibility and agility in adapting to new developments and technologies in the field.

I use Google Pixel by the way, and have used every Google phone and I have a Chromebook tablet, Nest ecosystem etc.. It's not that I don't appreciate their products.


No_Race1693 t1_j1da5ah wrote

Google deepmind vs Microsoft OpenAI.

Who will win


Blue-Phoenix23 t1_j1dd2q6 wrote

As an aside, I was really surprised when I got a Google WiFi setup how good the chat function is. I didn't buy it for that purpose and didn't think I would use it but it's pretty neat.

I continue to be dumbfounded how Apple, MS, Amazon etc have basically ceded the smart home space to Google.


bigkoi t1_j1djqse wrote

Agreed. Out of all the tech companies they have the best assistant which was key to the smart home.

However, 4 years ago Google demoed Lambda scheduling an appointment with an unsuspecting human. It was amazing. I have to believe Google has the tech in Lambda when they are ready to make it public in an assistant.


macrofinite t1_j1dqinm wrote

I think it says a lot that if you’re looking for something that physically exists, searching in google maps is almost always better than regular search.

Images became utterly useless like 10 years ago when it became completely infected with Pinterest posts that can’t be saved or viewed without logging into that cancer website. Bing image search is just objectively better.

And in regular search you have to scroll basically to the bottom of the first page find the first “legitimate” search result anymore.

Google is pretty garbage. Except maps. But I’m sure they’ll find a way to ruin that too soon enough.


tidder_mac t1_j1drvlq wrote

Gotta Google what you’re looking into, because Google does still have an amazing underlying product.

But to filter out all the bullshit that Google now prioritizes to make money for themselves, you should include the site you want. “Reddit” in this case.


gr8sh0t t1_j1dswap wrote

Other than what was mentioned, it is not the literal same as Google.

In addition they allow API access which exposes additional layers of parameters to use. This costs money but it's certainly great for people with use cases.


GrayBox1313 t1_j1du0o8 wrote

Quite a business model to build future products around

“But some have been quick to notice that the bot is often riddled with errors. ChatGPT is unable to fact-check what it says and can't distinguish between a verified fact and misinformation, AI experts told Insider. It can also make up answers, a phenomenon that AI researchers call "hallucinations."

The bot is capable of generating offensive responses that are racist and sexist, Bloomberg reported.

The chat bot's high margin of error and vulnerability to toxicity are some of the reasons why Google is hesitant to release its AI chat bot LaMDA — short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications — to the public, according to the Times. A recent CNBC report said Google execs are reluctant to release it widely in its current state over concerns over "reputational risk."


bannacct56 t1_j1dxurf wrote

That's pretty much what happens when you stop inventing new technology and rest on your laurels. Right now Google search results are roughly the same quality as Bing search results. And Bing hasn't gotten any better.IMHO


Sycosplat t1_j1dyfey wrote

Yup, normal results (below the bunch of sponsored ads) are just filled with results leading to "review" websites and blogs listing the 10 best types of whatever you are searching for, but then it's just affiliate marketing crap, where each review reading like it was written by a marketing team.

The only way to get what feels like a genuine opinion is to put in "reddit" so you can at least attempt to find a real answer and not just trying to sell to you.


rusbus720 t1_j1dylgq wrote

People are overhyping chatgpt AI so much it’s unreal.


juberish t1_j1dz5ra wrote

Oh look the same article again, this is like the 5th time the same news has been posted


MacDegger t1_j1dztr3 wrote

I don't you realise that google has been an ai company since more than half a decade at the very least, paid for by adwords.

And comparing the age of OpenAi and Google? Not just irrelevant but ... it is also 7 years old and founded by amongst others Elon Musk.


not_a_conman t1_j1ea90e wrote

And then half the non-ad results are some garbage AI generated article that doesn’t actually answer your question. That’s why I usually end up on Reddit for answers one way or another. I do usually search Reddit results through Google though… so I guess that’s helpful?


Alberiman t1_j1ect1o wrote

The problem with limitless capital is it's a lot like being an emperor with a massive army, it gives you an unrivaled level of confidence that whatever you choose to do is the correct decision because you never feel the consequences in any meaningful way

then one day you wake up and the peasants are inside the castle walls and calling your name


strawberrymacaroni t1_j1eej4s wrote

I don’t know… I would never pay any money for Google services as a non-business owner but I would pay for chatgpt because it can actually do functions for me that are part of my job and save me some very valuable time.


strawberrymacaroni t1_j1ef6dj wrote

SEO has also managed to make the things you search for worse… for example, I was looking up a recipe and because they are all search optimized, you have to scroll all over the page before you can find the actual recipe, it’s so annoying, I just want to click on the link and see the recipe, not a 2000 word poorly written essay about how these are the gooiest, fudgiest, most chocolatey brownies straight from my grandmother’s recipe book.


rusbus720 t1_j1ekmoq wrote

I’m thinking about how people blindly google things and often end up believing a bunch of false information because that’s what google returned.

Imagine we eliminate the step of checking multiple search return links and just blindly believe the prompt of an AI that the general public doesn’t how it works.


mintardent t1_j1eo94d wrote

the google scheduling thing is definitely rolled out. If I want to make a reservation somewhere that I have to call in, the google website it gives me the option to have assistant make the call.


mintardent t1_j1eoltl wrote

It is usually great, but the risky thing with ChatGPT is that it (sometimes) confidently spits out the wrong answers. Google does too, but with the ChatGPT you inherently can’t verify what it’s telling you for yourself, because the links to its sources aren’t anywhere to be found


Vanman04 t1_j1eq399 wrote

They already have a version that is better.

They just have not released it in the wild yet. Remember the stories a few weeks ago about the guy who thought ai had become sentient? That was googles.


mintardent t1_j1erh7n wrote

yeah. I don’t think they’re super clear about what’s happening, because I also remember that demo years ago and I didn’t realize it was actually implemented until recently. I think, for example for a restaurant, there’s an option called “reserve a table” or something like that and the assistant makes a call for you. you just have to select a date and time range you’re comfortable with.


red8reader t1_j1ete02 wrote

Have you used other search engines?

To say they have failed is a stretch, a very long stretch. The reality is that Google has a hard time staying in front of the SEO industry, which manipulates SERPs.

Google also mixes in NLP while most if not all others are still using simple keywords.


gavinashun t1_j1f5mt9 wrote

"In particular, teams in Google's Trust and Safety division among other departments have been directed to switch gears to assist in the development and launch of new AI prototypes and products."

Oh good - in this current day and age, Google should definitely reassign the Trust & Safety division.


anotherbozo t1_j1fb61d wrote

Google lost most of its value a few years ago when it started ranking corporate-owned content power houses higher.

That resulted in companies doing shitloads of SEO to rank higher so they can use it for more sales.

It slowly drew hobbyist content creators and bloggers, who are generally more enthusiastic about what they are writing, away.

If you want travel tips now, you're more likely to find tips from the blog of a website that sells hotels, rentals, flights, etc... written by a nameless author; rather than someone who is enthusiastically writing from their own experience.


Realistic-Duck-922 t1_j1fn6zy wrote

Google will likely deliver a cease and desist any day now. ChatGPT was trained on endless trademarked data. Oh do trademarks still mean things? Oh the 1% wants their cheese where it is? Oh are you starting to pay attention? LOLOLOLOL Oh my netizens...... LOLOLOL