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NowThatsAnAdventure t1_j0aic74 wrote

Never putting that trash app on any of my devices. Everyone would be wise not to use it. Definitely far from safe since the alarm bell was sounding on TicTok as it was blowing up in popularity. Everyone kinda just brushed off who owns TicTok. Time for something new to pop up.


im_a_dr_not_ t1_j0ct8oj wrote

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all track you just the same. But that’s ok because you’re in America where they can actually use the data they mine against it you or sell it to the government. Meta’s Russian ties and funding is fine. Twitter’s Chinese ties and debt is fine (because of Elon). Twitter also owes money to the saudis (also Elon).


Sterisk- t1_j0c136j wrote

Yet, you're on reddit


SuicidalNapkin09 t1_j0dmglw wrote

Reddit is not a Chinese state controlled app


Sterisk- t1_j0e18dp wrote


Also not like reddit doesn't track you. You're acting like tiktok can control your phone when it has the same type of access like any other app.


SuicidalNapkin09 t1_j0e1il2 wrote

Lol at what point did I say these apps control your phone? I said tiktok is controlled and owned by the Chinese state. Reddit is not. Learn to read


naugest t1_j0akggj wrote

Pfft! Ultra nationalist trash talk


substance17 t1_j0anxhf wrote

why u got trash apps like TicTok (née TikTok) on ur devices brvh