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sign_up_in_secondss t1_j0aoqx0 wrote

>it should be removed from the app stores and automatically delete from devices that have it.

lmao you think the state should be allowed to delete apps from devices you own?


bonzai_science t1_j0aqk55 wrote

it's a foreign product, so yeah i think the federal government should have a say on what's imported here


nicuramar t1_j0dnxov wrote

That's a very extreme measure you're advocating for, I'd say.


bonzai_science t1_j0e05pz wrote

Not really if it's a product that's actively harming our national security and the psychology of millions of Americans through addiction.

Would you say the same thing about the Qing Empire attempting to ban opium from the UK in the 1800s? I don't think it's unreasonable at all for harmful products to be banned regardless of if people here are able to convince themselves that their FYP is bringing immense happiness to their lives. The modern "Opium of the people" is TikTok.


tommles t1_j0eddpa wrote

Seems we better ban phones, computers, video games, movies, books, music....


sign_up_in_secondss t1_j0aqm6d wrote

lmao the bootlicking is strong with this one


cannibal_man t1_j0g65uc wrote

Good! I hope this bill passes. It's a great start. 👍 👍

Time to reign in the CCP here in the US.

And let's not forget the surveillance of Chinese citizens here in the US, especially with the use of those phony 'police stations'. Let's close them down, too.


MMResearch t1_j0b7sg7 wrote

Damn you can really see the triggered dopamine zombies coming out in these comments. They’re scared theyre not going to be able to scroll through mind numbing content for hours on end. I couldn’t give a rats ass about security, but lets talk bout the other slew of issues!

-Directly eroding self esteem by setting unrealistic expectations and forcing kids to compare themselves to others. -REWIRING OUR BRAINS TO FUNCTION IN SHORT ATTENTION SPANS, CRIPLLING DOPAMINE PRODUCTION AND OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH IT -THE GODDAMN SEXUALIZATION OF CHILDREN

…but yea national security..

I could go on but I just woke up and haven’t even had my coffee yet. GOOD DAY!


cachemonet0x0cf6619 t1_j0bt65n wrote

why are you using it if it does all that? the dilemma is with banning any app from the app store without justifications and unfortunately your justification is only enough to get it off government phones.