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JimmminyCricket t1_j0crb0d wrote

Question: have you ever had a job in the government?

I have and I really don’t think you’re right about this.


__ImThatGuy__ t1_j0d9g8g wrote

I’m currently a state government employee and we can’t download anything unless it’s on our pre approved App Store.


JimmminyCricket t1_j0f9snm wrote

Sounds like a good state program for security. My experience comes from the military albeit 6+ years ago. I hope to God things got better…


MaximumRecursion t1_j0cs6ed wrote

Yes, many, and have had plenty of government issued equipment (GFE - Government Furnished Equipment). It's security 101 to never download shit on them. You can get fired for even plugging a usb device into a government computer, or hooking govt phone up to a computer. Anyone who has worked anywhere near a government job knows this.


JimmminyCricket t1_j0cvj50 wrote

I mean I agree with all of that. Just saying that it doesn’t work. People still do it and don’t get caught. A lot. I don’t think writing another bill is gonna help either but here we are.