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nicuramar t1_j0dodtn wrote

> The China version only has educational content

That seems very unlikely to be true. Can you substantiate that? Also, whatever restrictions China has for its citizens, is hardly a model worth following.


nicuramar t1_j0dqmb7 wrote

> Do you know how to use Google?

There is no reason to be upset when someone asks you to back up claims made.

The first link is Shaq sharing a “popular theory”?

The others ones talk mainly about the time restrictions, and talks about a different service, not Douyin.


Super_Cool_Rick t1_j0duz5h wrote

I don't know what you're looking for, or your level of intellect, so I copied/pasted the first few popular sources. It seems clear to me from these there are time limits and content restrictions on Douyin put in place by the CCCP for children in China under 14 to protect them from the detrimental effects of the platform. These limits are not in place for Western countries, presumably because China wants it that way, for reasons that could range from addicting children to the platform to using the platform for mass influence among Western youth. There are many more articles form different sources like this one, that you can find on your own if you are truly curious about this.


Super_Cool_Rick t1_j0dpllu wrote

"Also, whatever restrictions China has for its citizens, is hardly a model worth following."

You mean how China gives kids time limits and only educational content instead of dance videos and soft porn? Please substantiate.


nicuramar t1_j0dq4qg wrote

You forgot to cite something to back up the claim that Douyin only shows educational content. Obviously not all restrictions are bad, but in general, restrictions imposed upon the citizens by an authoritarian government aren’t a model to follow.