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phantomranch t1_j0bfhhp wrote

Viasat is a garbage company. It’s insane how much they suck ass.


Scmethodist t1_j0c1cc3 wrote

A fucking men, I had an unlimited data plan and they killed it and started throttling my speed. I went with an LTE based plan long enough to last until I got DSL. Getting fiber next month!


Lost_Mastodon_2140 t1_j0bght0 wrote

So why can’t we help people her with mental illness


takingastep t1_j0blxki wrote

So why is Microsoft involved at all? Is Viasat running Windows on their satellites or something? It also wouldn't surprise me if M$ was trying to capture early market share in a market they're helping to create, i.e. all those new internet users are likely to run Windows on their computers.


Razakel t1_j0bz8nt wrote

Microsoft's a cloud company now. They want the businesses these people will start to build using Azure.


takingastep t1_j0cf7wf wrote

Ah, so that's their angle. Makes sense. I keep forgetting that they're focusing more on the business end than the regular consumer end.


Razakel t1_j0ci2wm wrote

They're practically giving Windows away for free if you jump through a couple of hoops. They know the future is getting people on Office 365 and Azure.


takingastep t1_j0cint6 wrote

That's good to know. I guess I can look on MS's website to find the details about how to get it cheap?


Razakel t1_j0cjyiu wrote

It'll let you install and use it with no licence key, but with a couple of minor nagging restrictions (fine for personal use, bad idea for commercial). You can still upgrade from 7, 8 and 8.1 for free, or you can transfer a licence from an old machine (totally legal, but you may need a Microsoft account or have to phone support).

Or you can buy a key from a reseller (grey area).


takingastep t1_j0corl2 wrote

What if I installed it in a VM? Would they look at that as just another machine install, or would that be different in some way?


Razakel t1_j0cswng wrote

Microsoft licensing is, to use the technical term, a clusterfuck.

The basic server edition allows you one physical instance and one VM. Datacenter allows unlimited VMs, but in that case you're licensing the hardware, not the instance. For client editions you need one licence per instance.

But if you're installing a VM just to play around with then it falls under evaluation use and is completely fine.


takingastep t1_j0d616e wrote

Alright, good to know, thanks for the concise info.