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Phighters t1_j0ysjt6 wrote

Holy shit man, that's not how any of it works. If its approved, its approved, and anyone has access to it provided they are medically eligible. It will cost money though.


BruntLIVEz t1_j0zh5ak wrote

Have you met humans? Just saying, it’s gonna be some regular Joe/Joanna denied the treatment. THEN after the lawsuit it will be available. I’ve worked in the industry and this is how it really goes. Gattaca-light type BS


Phighters t1_j0zndxl wrote

You do not work in the industry, this is clear. The entire concept you're suggesting is fucking ridiculous, to be honest. It's simply, flatly, untrue. If you medically qualify and have the means to pay via insurance or rich daddy, you get it. Period.


Take the dystopian bullshit elsewhere.


BruntLIVEz t1_j0zxveo wrote

Ok whatever let’s see who gets it


Phighters t1_j1061su wrote

In the event that this is approved years from now, I'll save you the suspense: Everyone who medically qualifies and has the means to pay.