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punio4 t1_j1vt408 wrote

I've had more success with Bixby with a lot of things than I did with Google Assistant.


axis1331 t1_j1w8oxr wrote

Found Lee Jae-yong's reddit account.


gk99 t1_j1xwttb wrote

The fucking thing couldn't even consistently send me notifications when my Samsung washer was finished running. Let alone anything I've asked it to do in the first months of owning a Galaxy watch before giving up on it entirely because it's a useless POS and the means of setting up Alexa and Google on it instead are far too convoluted. Fortunately, even Samsung has given up on it and their watches now include Google Assistant.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j1ytru8 wrote

My galaxy buds come with Bixby Voice Recognition. Simply doesnt work. Ever.


punio4 t1_j1xxqpc wrote

Look, I'm not shilling for Bixby.

I have had multiple issues with Google assistant where it couldn't set timers, kept timing out, wouldn't play Spotify on android Auto etc.

These issues would randomly pop in and fix themselves, which means that Google is fucking with it server side.

In these instances I've used Bixby as a fallback which worked every time without a fault.

Just my experience.

But frankly I consider all assistants shit as they only work as advertised in commercials. And speaking a non-native language to my phone is cringe as fuck.