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Acrobatic-Isopod7716 t1_ize9h7l wrote

Data mining app bought by China actually mines data, and people are surprised?


PandaCheese2016 t1_izfgqm9 wrote

Thought Todd has his hands full suing abortion providers.

> The other lawsuit alleged that users' data can be accessed by Chinese authorities.

Will we finally see some smoking gun evidence on this if this ever goes to trial?


Apart_Ad_5993 t1_izepop8 wrote

Just another nonsense and frivolous suit.

Parents need to parent and stop thinking the state is going to cover for shitty parenting.

Have an issue with your kids and TikTok? Don't allow your kids to use TikTok.


Sloblowpiccaso t1_izf02kk wrote

Ah indiana republican stranglehold doing the complete opposite of personal responsibility. No it can be hypocrisy i wont believe it. Its almost like the entire concept of personal responsibility is bull shit used only to blame others for their misfortune.


Twitchinat0r t1_izfr598 wrote

Yup. I have the app blocked in our house hold. I told my kids no social media until your 18. They dont need it.


420-IQ-AUTIST t1_izepbu5 wrote

Everyone was warned but we were just “haters”


dudeN7 t1_izfunha wrote

Everyone is suing everyone today, it seems.


meanbotanist t1_izhrvwk wrote

indiana is too dumb to sue properly


RussianPrincess2000 t1_izirif7 wrote

Hmm🤔I thought TikTok was American owned? don’t y’all remember when Mr. Donald boy got WALMART America to purchase a TikTok? So WALMART owns TikTok so Indiana is suing one of their own. Beautiful cutthroat capitalism Indiana. I applaud you🫵🏻👏🏻👏🏻