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LeRetardataire t1_j25ljv1 wrote

Even here on Reddit. Even on some of the COVID centric subs there are people trying to bury or obfuscate information on COVID. It'd be like if people came here to r/technology and downvoted any submissions technology related.

There exists this bizarre, unhinged opposition to COVID's very existence for some that leads them to these kind of destructive and toxic behaviours. But why, is still beyond me.


Cold_Turkey_Cutlet t1_j26cvzh wrote

>But why, is still beyond me.

It's a coping mechanism for psychologically weak people to try and maintain a sense of control in the face of something they are powerless to confront. You will notice conservatives have the same reaction to all existential threats such as pandemics, pollution and climate change: blame the messenger and bury the truth. It makes them feel safer to deny the existence of these things. And by transforming the enemy from an amorphous threat like a virus into a cabal of evil liberals who just need to be removed from power, it gives them an enemy they understand how to fight (because it can be fought through simple violence/force).


gizamo t1_j2780qj wrote

I was perma banned from r/politics for mocking obvious trolls from r/NoNewNormal brigading the sub spamming mis/disinformation. ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯ over a year, and after a few appeal, I gave up. It's everywhere, and it's easier to mute the subs that enable it.


freindlyfonzi t1_j2586xx wrote

The article conflates 'science' and 'policy'. Policy is very debatable and for some reason none of thats allowed anymore as authoritarianism seems to be steering the ship.


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divinitia t1_j25wui7 wrote

>One wonders, as more and more "fully vaxxed and boosted" people start showing complications like myocarditis, blood clots, miscarriages, and even "died suddenly"

And vastly more never had any life-threatening issues since being vaccinated, even on the off chance of catching covid

Don't forget that part


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divinitia t1_j26c3ue wrote

>So far, that's true. Absolutely. That doesn't negate the fact that a small, but significant percentage of those taking the mRNA shots have had problems, up to and including death.

Which is perfectly reasonable for medication when the chances of that are a fraction of the combined chance of getting covid and then dying from it/facing serious health problems from it.

>That doesn't negate the fact that we have been repeatedly lied to.

You not understanding things doesn't mean you were lied to.

>Remember the halcyon days where we were all to get injected to save grandma, because we were taking a vaccine that prevented illness and transmission? Now we know those shots do neither of those things, and we're just kinda supposed to forget about all that.

Like which vaccines? who was supposed to forget what? The polio one? Which had and still has only a 90-99% chance of effectiveness? Perhaps the measles one with 93% chance of effectiveness? Maybe you're thinking of the mumps vaccine, the one with a 78% chance of effectiveness?

There has literally never been a 100% chance of effectiveness (nor does it NEED to be)for vaccines because that's not how biology works and perhaps you were just not educated enough to know that? That's not being lied to that's you not knowing information and the obvious fact that when enough people get vaccinated for these never been 100% effective vaccines then the combined herd immunity makes it near impossible for the virus to continue. That's what we did to polio for decades until people like you that are "just asking questions" decided to stop vaccinated and boom polios back. And measles. And mumps. And now apparently rubella too.

>If I took 4 or 5 polio vaccinations, and still came down with polio, I'd be having some questions.

And the answer would be "the polio vaccine is only 90-99% effective even after 3 doses and this has always been true and we've known this since the 50s". But guess what? Polio was eradicated in the US using this polio vaccine even though it still had a much much much much much much smaller number people coming down with polio (until you people cropped up).

>And speaking of adverse reactions, remember when we were all gonna die from the swine flu, and voila, we had a vaccine? Remember what happened? A small, but significant portion of the people who took those injections had adverse reactions, and those shots were pulled.

Are you talking about the recalls that were based on "adverse reactions" that turned out not to be linked at all to the swine flu vaccine?

>As stated, at some point, questions are going to be asked about why this was handled differently

It wasnt

> and why untruths were told and retold

They weren't

>and why questioning and dissent, even by medical professionals, was quashed.

Because it was founded on nothing by people like you who don't know much of anything and was killing people

Even now you're questioning these vaccines, despite PROOF that they work. That they lower transmission. That they lower the rate of death and serious health issues. You question these things, with proof all around you, WITH NO BASIS. You even brought up a vaccine recalled that was done because of PEOPLE LIKE YOU CLAIMING IT HAD RISKS WHEN IT DIDN'T AND WE HAVE PROOF THAT IT DIDN'T.

Are you starting to see why when you people cry wolf so many times that we start to ignore you?


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divinitia t1_j26gwko wrote

>Thankfully, there are plenty of strong willed people who were able to resist the outrageous pressure to be repeatedly injected with an experimental drug. You can call us "the control group," which is important in any long term experiment.

And dropping like flies.

>And thankfully, there are doctors out there brave enough to take the heat and actually promote treatments, especially early treatments. For example, much of the Zelenko and FLCCC protocols involve vitamins and supplements. When's the last time your government clamped down on people taking vitamin C and D, for example? Zinc? How many generations of Americans took zinc losenges when they had a sore throat? Quercetin? And don't get me started on the vilification of HCQ and Ivermectin, both provably safe drugs administered world wide. But your government did its best to suppress those drugs, despite many doctors getting good results with them on covid patients.

Yes, you're right, there are plenty of doctors willing to make a quick buck off you by feeding you fake miracle drugs like ivermectin (that doesn't work). I heard there's a new one coming out made of this oil they make out of snakes, make sure you get on that.

>Can you remember any time when your government actively tried to keep provably safe medicines from people? Off label prescriptions are commonplace, but apparently, not acceptable with covid. Why? What happened to, medical decisions should be between you and your doctor, not you and the insurance company, or you and the government (or you and Pfizer)?

I think now I have to ask what country are we talking about? In the US nothing has been restricted. I can go to a store and by ivermectin (well, the dog doses, but that was always the case). I can go to a store and buy vitamin c and vitamin d and zinc. Is this different in your country?

Also does it ever get tiring larping as the action hero in some James Bond ripoff


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_j28mjpj wrote

Strong willed? A lot of you straight-up died in hospitals or at home.


IdaDuck t1_j266bns wrote

It’s just anecdotal so it doesn’t mean much but in my own life I know several folks personally who were severely impacted by Covid. I don’t know anyone who was vaccinated that experienced more than about day of mild symptoms, at most. With some of this social media stuff you just need to get off it and see what’s happening around you in your community. I’m not saying nobody died or had some kind of severe reaction, I just think it’s a really small percentage. I think to date there have been close to 15 billion Covid vaccine doses administered. You couldn’t give out 15 billion chocolate chip cookies without some adverse results.


Dy4u t1_j28geyn wrote

But people are so antiscience nowadays they will just follow what is published, when I was a child it was taught that I ask questions when things don't add up. 🤔


meatspinimusprime t1_j28zevz wrote

Being anti-science is sometimes just questioning other humans. Just like science was used to justify slavery in the 1800s or them lying and saying the vaccine will prevent spread.


R_Meyer1 t1_j26m9r0 wrote

Yes if you believe that shit “Twitter Files” from corrupt Elon Musk. Funny how you continue to push censorship when you agree to a terms of service agreement when signing up. You have no free speech rights on social media.


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trtlclb t1_j26o270 wrote

So FBI agents literally just notifying Twitter staff of ToS violations = fascism? I think further up you said they got paid, was that in the 'files' or are you just assuming?


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trtlclb t1_j28rr6p wrote

What's worse: Trump artificially spamming & amplifying socially-damaging lies, or the FBI requesting Twitter to look at particular posts on their platform that according to their ToS are not welcome? It's also worth noting... Both are totally legal. If there is a law broken here please point it out, and let's not resort to trash-tier sources like NYPost and DailyMail. If that's acceptable to you, it would be fair for me to start citing The Onion.

The reality is Twitter were still the primary arbiters of their platform, and decisions made were that of their leadership. I really don't care for your hyperbolic discourse, it's disingenuous. You are clearly not interested in having a proper back-and-forth here, you're just here to peddle a poor narrative and that's it. Very lame.


TheBeardofGilgamesh t1_j28r6v3 wrote

100% happens on Reddit and it’s worse than Twitter in that regard. Post an article on FOIA release about gain of function funding post gets removed, mainstream publications alluding to Lab Leak removed.

Honestly I support the vaccines so I don’t like disinformation regarding them. But when it comes to the origins of Covid I hate the censorship


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trtlclb t1_j28qxa0 wrote

Those scenarios make literally no sense, and don't validly compare what happened at Twitter in the slightest. If you need to use nonstop hyperbole to illustrate your point, you probably don't have much of a point.

If you can't recognize the danger that was posed when Trump started fomenting lies, never called out Qanon bullshit, then I have no desire to converse with you. I've tried that, and it goes nowhere. If you can admit that Qanon was a massive disinformation campaign constructed to support efforts to influence US politics & the minds of morons, and that Trump failed the nation by letting it go without demerit, then there is a chance we can have a productive conversation.

Final word if you can't do that: FBI's duties include investigating & reporting on domestic/INTL terrorism, cyber crime — among other relevant things. They didn't force compliance from Twitter, they were simply both aware of the obvious threat the combination of that kind of rhetoric and artificial amplification of messaging has.

Twitter has the right to work with government officials if they so choose, and if you want to tell me the FBI was wrong then show me the law that was broken, or the force that was applied to make them comply. If the twitter files actually had something of substance, I don't think you'd be peddling this kind of hyperbolic bullshit, so I'm going to just assume you're full of shit since the only sources you've provided with "evidence" are NYPost and DailyMail.


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trtlclb t1_j28w411 wrote

When these things happened, it was largely Trump at the helm. What's your point? It wasn't illegal, and nice fake virtue-signaling, I'm sure all of that is as true as everything you've written or linked to on this thread.

Free speech is public speech against the government, not your speech on a private entity's website. They can enforce just about whatever arbitrary decisions they want to in regards to the content on their own private website. That is part of their free speech as a private entity. This poor take is based in a lack of understanding on free speech law, and was never a valid argument. If you disagree, show me the provision it breaks.

Do you also defend the unwell people screaming nonstop in Walmart with this incessant passion? They should be allowed to do that 24/7, no? It doesn't matter that they're in a private venue, since there are a lot of people there they should get this amorphous protection from private censor you seem to think Twitter users deserve, right?

If you were right and using your time wisely you'd be bringing this up to lawmakers, not spouting off the same tired takes on virtual forums. Your only option is to continue regurgitating the same points, however invalid they are, this is why it's pointless for me to keep talking lol, because you aren't even trying to have a real conversation. In real conversation, opinions change based on evidence & reason, but you have refused to allow your invalid opinions to be altered.

It's disingenuous and all of this Twitter bullshit is because you and people with the same stubborn, counter-productive attitude can't stand that lots of people know better & won't listen to you, but you refuse to understand the why. It's completely absurd. You just push forward and act like by sheer will you will get your way, eventually. What happens when an immovable object meets another immovable object, though? What makes you believe your will is so special? The only way this ends is through you becoming introspective enough, or you losing your shit completely because "I'M RIGHT AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT!"


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trtlclb t1_j293dgt wrote

I'm glad you were able to cut some of the disingenuous crap and give a real, heartfelt response here, that's a positive change from 99% of the conversations I've had like this, but you do realize Trump is himself a massive lifelong cheater, right? You don't need to know much about the guy to realize that, a basic understanding of his family & his personal history makes it obvious.

Of course that isn't to say the left is totally bereft of wrongdoing — there are some loose ends on the left too, c'est la vie, and absolutely some serious wrongdoing — but the magnitudes & consistency are what separate them. The only reason you still feel certainty is the hyperbolic nature you've been fed those half truths.

Dig into those as hard as you dug into Qanon crap and you'll have some painful, but massively long-term beneficial results, both intrinsically and extrinsically. It's just coincidentally the last thing you may feel like doing, but it needs to be done in my opinion. That isn't to say you're doing a shit job overall — I'm sure in many ways you're a great person — but in some regards it's certainly true, that's true of everybody including myself. Nobody is perfect.

If you take even a cursory review of his presidential run & patterns of operation during his presidency, you should see the poorly reflecting connections, the unscrupulous acts, but because he was constantly deflecting to "but the left <insert dividing half truth here>" you bought it all, hook line & sinker and apparently haven't thought twice about it since. Remember deep state? And how effectively zero came of it? Yet, he managed to auspiciously stack courts & ironically install his own version of a deep state. Strange, don't you think?

You're his patsy. His enabler. And you know what... Maybe he is a genius, because he had the foresight to see that you would happily play that role until it rotted you from inside to out. Look at yourself! You're so hateful towards bogeymen on the left for actions he has committed personally while holding the highest office of our nation, all while driving a massively polarizing narrative to divide the left and right. And still you sit here and pretend he is a paragon of good. Man, he really is good. Again, just to be clear, there are similar efforts across the political spectrum at play — at all times — if I don't point this seemingly obvious thing out usually people just assume otherwise for some reason.

Naturally, though, Trump is only a cog in the machine that designed the strategy, but still, look at yourself today in 2022 -- he certainly pulled something of significance off, regardless if he was the hand or the puppet. Perhaps a fair counterpoint here would be to point out how dazzling Obama's oration skills were which did similar things to some on the left. I get the feeling this back-and-forth will continue until the end of time, though... At the end of the day, we're all just pawns in another's grand game of chess.


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trtlclb t1_j296agp wrote

No, that is an absurdly hyperbolic, poor take on my position that is reflective of the media you've been consuming for the last few years. I made some significant edits to that last reply while you were replying it looks like, so might be worth a reread.

For what it's worth, I will never resort to violence, or encouraging violence towards any political opponent, like what you've described just now — but I do think those who attack the unity of our nation through lies need to be tempered. That applies to everyone left or right, not a single person. It needs to be done with reality in mind, though.

A lot of what set off the right on the MSM can be accurately boiled down to human error from the necessity of a news reporting on events as they happen — it would be insane to think they wouldn't make mistakes, or view things from their own biased lens. No one is free of bias after all.

Again, the dividing rhetoric was fueled by hyperbole from many pundits in unison on the right. Hyperbole is not a right-leaning politically-exclusive tool, but in that situation there was some uniqueness in the employment of it among those who did it. In fairness, we saw some of that from the left during the COVID as well. Again, not politically-exclusive.

Just curious, how would you illustrate a realistic future where we actually are able to put most of this nonsense behind us and reunite? To me, it's going to have to be very somber, painfully boring, involve a gratuitous amount of humility, and incredibly saddening for many for the quality time lost in exchange for effectively nothing. Yet, we do need to get there eventually, otherwise we all fail.


toastmalon3 t1_j28nzaz wrote

I think these people would be much less prone to spreading conspiracy theories and nonsense if they felt that civil discussion about the potential side effects wouldn’t be immediately shut down or dismissed as false.


official_jgf t1_j28sirg wrote

Right. Everybody gets so hyped up on the meta that when someone speaks out against it, they are immediately called lunatics, liars, and idiots. The outcasts get pushed further away. This cycle turns into a spiral.

The spiral does not prioritize truth. Yet truth is what the meta seems to care most about at the moment. Victims of their own demise.


SuburbanPotato t1_j293w8j wrote

I think this is true, but I also think there is a certain subset of people who used "nuance" as a smokescreen to promote misinformation or at least confusion. People react so harshly to that that people actually trying to have nuanced discussions and raising legitimate questions get caught in the crossfire.

The rhetorical well has been poisoned in so many different ways I don't know how we ever set it right.


Trax852 t1_j27bsza wrote

Well they better get a better handle on the Covid as with the situation in China, it has a real good chance of blowing up all over again.

I've had the Vaccine and booster, haven't caught it yet.


Ryan1869 t1_j26rmyr wrote

Just remove COVID-19 from that.


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malfarcar t1_j26uju2 wrote

Bros for real misinformation be bad you know, just don’t do it. I don’t know why you don’t be telling the truth. You be getting money to say things are that aren’t or say things aren’t that are? You get your rocks off misleading peeps down the wrong road and catching all your happiness from watching others wallow in folly due to your ill willed instruction or treacherous lying tongue? Threatening and throwing hate to strangers online who you have way more in common with than any politician you’re defending. This shit throwing debate has been going on for years and is obviously getting nowhere. Have a respectful conversation with someone you disagree with. The realization that you don’t know everything is hard to deal with, but necessary to learn


Feisty-Juan t1_j26x8rb wrote

The weak minded are spreading lies about vaccines and children are starting to have measles and other diseases that were completely eradicated from American life. Now they’re spreading lies and disinformation and disease and getting other stupid people to believe it’s bad to stop disease and good to not do what’s best for all.


malfarcar t1_j271ti1 wrote

Here is to all of those opposed to not doing what is best for all. Save the stupid people from the weak minded and their infectious disease loving disinformation.


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timberwolf0122 t1_j28900g wrote

The word you are looking for is vaccine and the side effects are minimal and much less than gaining immunity through viral contact


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_j28n30u wrote

An article brigaded by antivax nutjobs.


kyflyboy t1_j27n3i6 wrote

Had an RN (BSN, MBA) who ran an IV Therapy Wellness service tell me that the death rate from Covid was no different than from the flu, and we had all grossly overreacted.

Simply untrue.. Sad.


timberwolf0122 t1_j2896os wrote

Hey Reddit admins, get off your asses and quarantine sub reddits like unvaccinated, trueunvaccinated and atleast issue a warning to conspiracycommons


Datwuzstupid t1_j27wnbw wrote

It just kills off the dumb people


timberwolf0122 t1_j288rjz wrote

It also puts vulnerable people such as the elderly, transplant recipients d the like at risk


[deleted] t1_j24y717 wrote



blade944 t1_j257lse wrote

No, not just disagreements. Active campaigns of misinformation that is harmful, even deadly to people.


[deleted] t1_j25f5bk wrote



blade944 t1_j25gelq wrote

You’re a but of an idiot, aren’t ya?


[deleted] t1_j25h19c wrote



blade944 t1_j25hx5k wrote

So now you’re changing your argument from your original post. What are you, 12? Misinformation on social media is a very serious problem. It leads to crap like qanon and trump being president. It leads to antivax nutjobs and flat earthers. It is content controlled and distributed by foreign entities looking to disrupt societies in their favour.


[deleted] t1_j25ljdr wrote



blade944 t1_j25lzxc wrote

Awe. Poor little incell thinks just because he don’t care about something no one else should know about it. Maybe next year switch to your other hand so it’ll seem like your fucking someone new.


Snorkle25 t1_j25okff wrote

Some of the most harmful though is that put forward by "authorized" sources who manufacture consent. US government misinformation over the years is responsible for a lot of death and atrocities in its own right.

The problem with your argument isn't that misinformation is bad, its that it's also being applied to silence opposition to the government and people in power. Which is the very purpose that the concept of free speech was intended to protect and prevent.

When something is new or novel like COVID it's improbable that any hypothesis will prove to be true long term. Hell I saw MSNBC adamantly insisting that the vaccine stops covid transmission and heavly implying it prevents contraction on multiple occasions. They don't have any flags for misinformation. The actual scientists who wrote and signed the Barrington declaration have been flatly mislabeled as "fringe" and maligned by media in coordination with US government officials which is mis and disinformation but thats not flagged or shut down.

This whole process is wrong for 2 reasons. One it's completely at odds with our societies claimed principles of liberty and liberalism, and it's impossible for us to arrive at objective truth when legitimate opposition and contradicting opinions are sweep aside which will negatively affect our ability to function as a society. But second, it's wrong because this same process of sensorship and suppression will be used against you or a cause you care about given enough time. It always is.


blade944 t1_j25qpd6 wrote

Are you seriously bringing up the barrington deceleration? That is so out dated that the language still contains references to future possible vaccines. It was also based strictly on opinion and left a lot to be desired re: their conclusions and methodology. And msnbc is an opinion channel. Not a really good rule stick to measure anything by. True news sources reported what was the best information available at the time. If it turned out to be wrong later , because new discoveries were made , that would not be misinformation. The second one starts with government conspiracies in their response a red flag goes up. At this point one needs to do a deep dive and find out what sources those individuals believe to be trust worthy. You started with the government conspiracy. Red flag.


Snorkle25 t1_j261xtc wrote

I didn't use the word "conspiracy", that was you. However, if governments didn't lie to the public repeatedly throughout history and do things under false pretext there wouldn't need to be an independent media to hold them to account. Watergate, the Church Committee, and the Pentagon Papers are hard documented evidence that such events can and have happened before.

You also miss the whole point. Most research and academic works are flawed and in time proven wrong by superseding work. The falsehood on your assumption is that information that was put forward at the time was the "best". That is something we cannot determine until later, and at the time, there was very little evidence that it was. There is a lot of evidence that it was "official" (ie coming from government bodies and institutions) but those are staffed by people who are just as susceptible to being incorrect, biased, and influenced as anyone else. So to justify misslabeling dissenting and diverging opinions as "misinformation" is a disservice to society as a whole and prevents actual progress at finding the truth. It also invalidates the entire premise that academic inquiry and the scientific method are founded on.


blade944 t1_j2649y0 wrote

I never said it was the best. It was the best available at the time. That’s how science works. The conspiracy part is that you led with government lies and deceit. Most of that is in the realm of conspiracy theories. The thing you seem to be hung up in is the idea of differing opinions. For most of scientific research there is no difference of opinion. There is fact, and not fact. And those that peddle not fact are spreading misinformation. We are at the point that anti vaxers must be taken seriously even though ALL legitimate research proves them wrong. Not everything has two sides that must be given equal consideration. You don’t have flat earthers on the news to give their opinion on the artimus mission. The problem is when that kind of nut job thinking is given legitimacy and spread deliberately in order to create chaos. “News” outlets like fox that pound gear into their viewers and farm outrage while swearing under oath that they don’t believe any of what they say on their shows. That deliberate misinformation in order to keep viewers engaged and outraged. There now is a large part of the country that believes every little piece of misinformation that comes their way because to them it has become a drug. These are the people that believe trump is fighting some secret battle and is actually president. These are the people that think Jan 6th was antifa. These people are now sitting in congress making laws. The ones that didn’t win are being put on the bench as a judge by the GOP. That’s fucking scary. That’s what misinformation does. It gives a really loud voice to the one person in opposition to millions. It makes individuals think that all opinions are equal and deserve equal weight. They don’t.


Snorkle25 t1_j2651l3 wrote

We don't know that it was the best available at the time. That's the whole fucking point.


blade944 t1_j265mii wrote

No. We do know it was the best available at the time because the best people in the field told us so. If a thousand epidemiologists say one thing and one chiropractor on YouTube says another you can safely ignore the chiropractor. The entire point is that organized groups put it in people’s heads, you included, that somehow the experts were wrong, or deliberately fucking us over, and that somehow some fringe crackpots had all the answers. What you do t realize is that you are a victim of these misinformation campaigns and you are still doing their dirty work for them.


Snorkle25 t1_j26828d wrote

Because we didn't have a natural consensus derived from data presented by thousands of experts. We had talking points from a very few select government institutions that was sold as if it had come from thousands of experts.

And the way we know this didn't come from thousands of experts is very clear. There was no large body of scholarly work on which they pointed to any of this information. To the opposite, most of the time we were not provided any evidence, just opinion.

For there to be thousands and thousands of experts to come to a conclusion on something new and novel it takes time and lots of work, and not just from epidemiology. Also biology, medicine, virology, data science and a dozen other inter-related fields.

All you are doing is furthering the propaganda of manufactured consent. And I'm done talking with a peddler of sophistry.


DanielBrian1966 t1_j26xuj0 wrote

"The Great Barrington Declaration: When Arrogance Leads to Recklessness With our knowledge of the novel coronavirus still limited, a recent call by scientists for a novel approach to combating it is ill-advised and arrogant."


DanielBrian1966 t1_j26x0mw wrote

Let's see a source in that MSNBC claim cupcake. We both know Deplorable lowlifes like you never watch real journalism.


YourFatherUnfiltered t1_j258vqz wrote

you are part of the problem.


[deleted] t1_j25ksuv wrote



[deleted] t1_j26k4j0 wrote



YourFatherUnfiltered t1_j28hcbk wrote

I like doctors who havent died.

lol hydroxychloroquine was disproven as a suitable treatment over and over. why dont you bother to take that evidence seriously, only the ones you choose?

ohhhh righhhht. lol forget i asked.


YourFatherUnfiltered t1_j28grmw wrote

why are you so slow on the uptake, bro? You have got to be a teenager to respond like this. So empty and without thought.... and if not? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THATS SAD.

its not just about listening to idiots on the internet. its about things being posted as factual information from sources that are supposed to be credible that are deliberately misleading and other people not knowing the difference and then spreading it some more. Stupid people do not live in a vacuum as we can all clearly see by you and the fool below this comment posting stupid shit thats been disproven repeatedly.

especially when its about a viral contagion.

good lord, man. THINK!

i cant believe im even having to point this out to you.... god damn...but do you know what the word VIRAL means and why we use it? maybe that will make it make sense to you.

un-fucking-believable. Its no wonder the pandemic became the issue it did with people like you walking around.