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ScootysDad t1_j1rao0o wrote

Better get that payment upfront and in cash. I'm just saying.


The National Business News




ResponsibleAd2541 t1_j1sgbij wrote

They have good cash on hand, $21 billion as of the previous quarter.


ScootysDad t1_j1txx8c wrote

And? It's working capital and that can quickly evaporate. Apple's current cash and cash equivalence is +$200B.


ResponsibleAd2541 t1_j1uf3sn wrote

My point here is that they can pay for equipment, they are not reliant on selling stock to raise funds for equipment.


lordkiwi t1_j1sogas wrote

what makes you say that?


ScootysDad t1_j1txedt wrote

Elon is still the CEO of Tesla and Twitter. He's not paying rent for Twitter office space in Europe and rumor is that he's not paying severance pay for laid-off employees either....not a leap.


lordkiwi t1_j1vbvxp wrote

Elon is the CEO and owner of Twitter. When the Twitter office spaces are not being paid for its because Elon is not coming out of his own pockets to pay those bills.

Elon is the CEO but not the owner of Tesla. He is is a very large stake holder. Any bill Tesla pays or does not pay is part of Tesla's finances not Elons.

Tesla currently has 2 billion in debt down from 5.4 billion in 2021 which is also down from there peek debt which was 11.6 billion in 2019.

Say what you will about Elon. But Tesla has virtually no debt meaning their contractors are fully paid, and this has been true for 4 years.


JKJ420 t1_j1tob8l wrote

Elaborate or delete your insinuating comment.

EDIT: He added 3 sources, but they don't provide information regarding his comment. A ramp up of a new factory will always cost money. This is not new(s).