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MossytheMagnificent t1_j13nqrw wrote

Go away, crypto! Crashing the economy is the bank's job!


[deleted] t1_j158r63 wrote

Here I go again, getting facts and shit from Reddit.


vonweeden t1_j138efp wrote

“It should be prohibited because if it is allowed to grow … say it’s regulated and allowed to grow … please mark my words that the next financial crisis will come from private cryptocurrencies,” he said.


mattahorn t1_j14x3vi wrote

I hope it “grows” one more time before they un-permit it, cause I wanna get out hopefully a little ahead or unscathed, but at the point I’d settle for just a little bit scathed.


axionic t1_j155g8p wrote


mattahorn t1_j15dozg wrote

:( yeah, i know. But there for a brief 3 month window almost 2 years ago I felt like a king. Lol a very dumb king, in hindsight.


axionic t1_j15qeh7 wrote

Don't feel bad, I held my Zoom stock too long instead of pocketing a 5X profit


YuviManBro t1_j15yeqn wrote

Hell, I was up 30K on GME when that shit was trending and I ended up selling for a 1K loss. If I had waited instead of panic selling after the drop I would be up atleast 5k in today's dollars.


this_barb t1_j15fkiz wrote

Best time to throw out crypto was yesterday. Better time is today.


mattahorn t1_j15gjqb wrote

You’re right, sort of. But when the biggest loser I have is worth ~$500 from a previous ~$20,000, might as well hold onto it and hope for the best, because at this point it’s an expensive lottery ticket with slightly better odds. What’s $500? Basically nothing. If it was just cut in half, yeah, I’d have been out yesterday.


Sekhen t1_j1370yp wrote

"We need to control money. That can't be changed. We have a right to exist and control finance"


[deleted] t1_j13qzbx wrote

Do you really think crypto is uncontrolled, free, and democratic? How cute! Someone will always control your money. Either the Fed or some billionaires and stable coin companies.


jmhalder t1_j13yw5k wrote

Glances over at Terra Luna/TerraUSD.... Yeah, stable coins will control this.


Sekhen t1_j149f2s wrote

I have no issue with "the fed" controlling money. It's their money...

Banks are private companies that are afraid of crypto. They need to control it. They are scared of change.


vonweeden t1_j1386yp wrote

When fiat is saying crypto is the culprit...