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geockabez t1_j14mm0n wrote

Since musk sides with traitors, he should not be surprised that patriots do not merely want to buy his cars, but want him stripped of his citizenship and deported back to South Africa. Actions have consequences.


ActualSpiders t1_j15zf1w wrote

I think a better explanation is that Musk is demonstrating that he's an emotional infant who makes terrible, poorly-thought-out, very expensive decisions, and nobody trusts a company run by someone like that.

I mean, if it was just the traitor thing, Fox News would have gone under years ago...


rfugger t1_j16lh51 wrote

The market for Teslas is very different than the market for Fox News.


MrE761 t1_j16lo4l wrote

You would’ve thought even last year, but I’m betting his recent behavior will change the minds of some.


ActualSpiders t1_j16u7i1 wrote

Yeah, that's why I said "if it was just the traitor thing..."

Although the Tesla market increasingly gives me South Park vibes...


kyflyboy t1_j17gx85 wrote

I'm no watcher of FN, but Musk has strongly motivated me to look for other EVs. No way am I supporting this MF.


SomegalInCa t1_j172bfs wrote

Well said. Elon always kinda bugged me but he’s so flipping self righteous in his stupidity it’s amazing


Mistyslate t1_j1620im wrote

Did you know that Musk faked his degree?


dubiousadvocate t1_j16wt5u wrote

And smuggled contraband emeralds with his dad Errol, who was apparently stealing them from the mine he had a minor stake in for a handful of years.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j1622u5 wrote

Can he stand trial at the Hague for his daddy's conflict gems empire while we're at it? Since I presume daddy-o isn't around anymore


internet_DOOD t1_j162kyq wrote

His dad just had a kid with his own step daughter or something.


NearPup t1_j16aevz wrote

He immigrated from Canada, not South Africa.


dubiousadvocate t1_j16wkml wrote

Where was he born…


NearPup t1_j16ws42 wrote

That doesn’t matter. He has Canadian citizenship, he had Canadian citizenship when he immigrated to the US, why would he ever get deported to South Africa? At the very least he’d get to pick.


dubiousadvocate t1_j16x3q4 wrote

He’s not going to be deported. He was born in South Africa.


NearPup t1_j16x75b wrote

I know he’s not getting deported. But in a hypothetical world where he’s getting deported where he was born is irrelevant. That’s not how deportations work.

It’s also just objectively correct to say that Musk immigrated to the US from Canada - at the time he moved to the US, Musk was a Canadian citizen residing full time in Canada.


dubiousadvocate t1_j16zt5n wrote

Rather than dismiss deportation you went with this weird Canada dodge. 🙄


bannacct56 t1_j1615pc wrote

Tesla stock isn't going down because you have too many employees, it's going damn because the owner has proven himself to be a horrible manager. This was his first real challenge and Let's be honest, he screwed it up since the beginning. He overpaid, he opened his big mouth which forced him to buy the company, he then wrecked it, and it's not getting better. So far that's what he's done with this challenge


ifisch t1_j1759n2 wrote

It's going down because it was ridiculously overvalued in the first place


kyflyboy t1_j17h1p1 wrote

Well the cars are horribly overpriced to begin with. But Musk's behavior has so completely damaged his brand, that all his companies and endeavors are tainted.


Twerkatronic t1_j1888y4 wrote

The only reason it ever got so high in the first place is because he lied about taking tesla private at $420 "funding secured"


sex_is_immutabl t1_j16blrh wrote

Reddit has been predicting Twitter implosion for months now. I am going to hazard a guess that this never happens and they actually become profitable within 2 years. Turns out Reddit's emotional impulses aren't a good barometer on the health of a business.


voidsrus t1_j16hj9i wrote

>Reddit has been predicting Twitter implosion for months now.

laying off most of your institutional knowledge does not present short-term problems, it presents long-term problems. it's been less than 2 months.


>Turns out Reddit's emotional impulses aren't a good barometer on the health of a business.

taking on $1 billion a year in interest payments you can't afford and making most of your revenue stream run for the hills is something not only a reddit user can figure out is going to cause problems for a business. that's why the stock the deal was financed with is cratering.


leaf_26 t1_j17w93h wrote

and climate change isn't happening because my house isn't underwater at this moment /s


Ok_Championship_2180 t1_j16n6do wrote

Exactly. As much as the media and reddit wants twitter to die it just won’t happen.


R_Meyer1 t1_j16t0io wrote

Elon Musk bankrupting his companies one tweet at a time.


Stui3G t1_j1c7dwa wrote

Probably shorting his own stock.


CuppaTeaThreesome t1_j15luf3 wrote

Tank / Return to normal reasonable levels?


BigSwedenMan t1_j161l9o wrote

Not even. It's still way overvalued. Tesla's problem is not that it has too many employees


EmptyCalories t1_j16cw27 wrote

Tesla service centers are notorious for:

  • paying below the industry standard wage
  • being short-staffed
  • being under-equipped
  • churning through service techs

TheCh0rt t1_j179msb wrote

I can’t find the source but I once read that if Tesla were actually valued based on its revenue, each car would cost $13 million dollars.

Edit: May have been 3 million which would make more sense


garlicroastedpotato t1_j169mor wrote

From $344/share to $170/share. It used to be valued at 40x revenue. Now it's valued at 15x revenue. Which is still quite a bit too high.... in that it's more than all other American automakers combined.


Mistyslate t1_j1623dq wrote

$6/share is reasonable.


milkcarton232 t1_j163vsq wrote

My puts agree but my brain doesn't. Tesla is still the only company doing scale electric that is appealing, plus the charging network is solid. It's a great car just sucks that musks insanity is taking hold


somegridplayer t1_j18ks6i wrote

>Tesla is still the only company doing scale electric that is appealing

Except Tesla's market share of EV goes down every single day. Also many fanboys are having a hard time defending Tesla vs Mercedes etc.

>It's a great car

Fit and finish, nope, range, nope. C'mon, what is so great about it?


milkcarton232 t1_j19335z wrote

Yeah Mercedes should finally produce some headwind for Tesla. I wouldn't buy Mercedes first electric outing simply b/c the company is still learning but yeah give it a few years and any teething issues will be dealt with.

As for fit and finish I guess your mileage may vary but of all the ones I have ever driven and riden in they have been fine. The model 3 in particular is a bit spartan but that's not necessarily bad. Model s I have access to has been wonderful and holding up going on 7 years now could be we just got lucky or there happen to be lemons out there.

My point is that as of today when you think electric cars Tesla is still the pioneer at the forefront. That can and likely will change but I don't think that's a Tesla is worth less than a 10th of it's current price kind of thing. But again my puts are extremely happy right now so I'm happy to be wrong


somegridplayer t1_j19a0o5 wrote

>Tesla is still the pioneer at the forefront.

Not anymore. Rivian has an EV truck. Ford has an EV truck, Chevy will have one next year, Tesla might as well shitcan the cybertruck if they haven't already. Hummer EV SUV is hitting the market. Lucid is ramping up with monster range cars. All the luxury brands are releasing or plan on releasing their own offerings.

Self driving runs over small children and everyone else's lane keeping and object avoidance is superior. It's over.


milkcarton232 t1_j19kdf2 wrote

Yeah Tesla failed on more than a few milestones, the worst being the model 3 self driving kit. As for object detection/avoidance I don't know that I would call the other ones better? All the Tesla's they currently produce are all still pretty great cars.

My overall point is discounting musk doing a stupid Tesla has shown that they have a talent at rapidly changing the field. I wouldn't count them out just yet but I do agree their insane p/e simply wasn't sustainable


somegridplayer t1_j19x10d wrote

When everyone is turning out EV and IC cars, they'll have a hard time keeping up both in innovation and in sheer volume.


milkcarton232 t1_j1a4a30 wrote

I disagree on innovation? Most of those other companies are slight changes over the years, Tesla put ev's on the map and continue to dream big. Having said that the past =/= the future so innovation might come from wherever, I think Tesla has an adv b/c they are not a traditional car company and have a tech mindset.

Volume you are right, up until now they were really the only option for all electric and that's changing. They do have another good advantage depending on how they play it: superchargers. They have a really good network of supercharging stations which could be strong for them going forward


ruddygore212 t1_j16w0ki wrote

Couldn’t happen to a nicer authoritarian fascist conspiracy-spreading labor-hating monster. Fuck Elon Musk. Fuck Twitter. I hope every business he touches dies.


TheCh0rt t1_j179tgn wrote

Aka “The greatest capitalist the world has ever seen”


Nichinungas t1_j17inxt wrote

Is that supposed to be an insult? Some people would say it’s not.


ruddygore212 t1_j1buplt wrote

Except he’s lost billions with his terrible decisions while claiming to be a genius.

He’s a failed capitalist, even given the enormous fortune he inherited.

There are NO good republicans. Each and every one is scum.


bigkoi t1_j15srs4 wrote

Musk has the Delorean touch!


ActualSpiders t1_j15zvx5 wrote

Ah, but does he have the Delorean nose? I wanna see him get perp-walked for carrying tons of drugs around in that private jet he doesn't want anyone to track...


TheCh0rt t1_j179vub wrote

Maybe he got rich by stealing a sports almanac


seattlesnow t1_j16wee4 wrote

They could of sold appliances with the name but naw, Space Karen decides to buy a Bird App just for s and giggles. Oh well — not my circus, not my elephants.


zombietampons t1_j15xh1s wrote

PUTS PUTS PUTS, I hope you guys Shorted Tesla, or at least designed a Strategy back when Elon was saying the Company was Overvalued, Message was Simple and Clear. Anywho, Kudos Judos.


orangenormal t1_j175ac4 wrote

> Musk has blamed the tanking stock on Federal Reserve rate hikes.

Yeah, that must be it. The reserve rate. 🙄


WuriderX t1_j17mqtj wrote

This is why he wants to step down from Twitter. The damage is done.


sylsau t1_j17y5nx wrote

It looks like Elon Musk has decided to clean house in each of his companies!


BuckyDuster t1_j18fjv9 wrote

Elon Musk has offended a lot of people by what he did to Twitter


semperlegit t1_j18n4fc wrote

They only need to lay off one guy to fix this: the head twit.


GearhedMG t1_j18osfx wrote

The issue was for a long time Teslas were the only EV that had a decent range, but in the last 3 years there have been more manufacturers that have gotten cars to market with ranges that rival ICE cars, Tesla’s stock will continue to go down to a sane level, will Tesla disappear, I doubt it they will just become a normal name in the car market


Buhodelatierra t1_j191pw1 wrote

Weird, I thought it was Elon Musk that was fucking Tesla up, not the people working there…


JerryNicklebag t1_j198hlr wrote

They need to lay off Elon Musk permanently


AwesomReno t1_j17fz00 wrote

In reality that’s fine. Great prospect for the company. Still leading is many aspects. Expand and contract. It’s the rhythm of a business.


banme5lol t1_j16rbv1 wrote

karma farmers only talk and post about three things lol


TheJadedSF t1_j14s7ro wrote

It's too bad there still isn't a real great competitor to Tesla to scoop up buyers. A lot of people want EVs but they're still the best deal in town when you actually look at it. Every other EV is either too expensive, worse range/specs, massive recalls, or not available for years. It's almost like there's a premium just for it not being a Tesla that you pay with other EV brands.

edit: lol love all the angry 'he's right downvotes'


Intrepid-Dig-1855 t1_j15i6gw wrote

Tesla build quality is awful, customer service is awful. Sure the specs are nice, but there are comparable models for the price range. People aren't downvoting because they are angry you are right, they just think you're wrong?


maowai t1_j16ekmd wrote

Sorry, but the build quality is at least “acceptable” to the vast, vast majority of people who own them. It’s a Reddit thing to act like they’re at the level of cars coming out of the Soviet Union. The people complaining are people who play with calipers for fun, people who got unlucky with a really bad one, and, as the overwhelming majority, people with no firsthand experience who want to participate in the circlejerk.


do_you_even_ship_bro t1_j16x7f9 wrote

CNET has labeled the them the most unreliable (out of ~30) for a couple years. That’s terrible for a “high end” brand.


TheJadedSF t1_j15jkx1 wrote

Name some some comparable models?


Main_Ad_6147 t1_j15ouzb wrote

I know quite a few ID4 owners and all are happy. I went with Polestar and have loved it and the anticipation for Hyundai's ioniq 6 is very high. Tesla is not the only game in town


TheJadedSF t1_j15t1h0 wrote

ID4 availability is scarce. It has worse range and the base model is significantly cheaper/less premium than a Model 3 for around the same cost. More comparable to something like a Chevy Bolt.

Polestar isn't bad but worse range and software.

Wouldn't touch Hyundai or Kia, they are cheap junk and years behind.


Mistyslate t1_j1628bt wrote

Model 3 is premium? That plastic shit with an Android tablet and leaking doors?


PricklyyDick t1_j16cm7q wrote

Kia is cheap but yet Teslas profit margin is like 15%-20%. Sounds to me like teslas primary business is selling cheap cars as luxury.

But hey if it works it works.


ktownmenace t1_j15nytm wrote

have you been inside one? its a glorified golf cart with an ipad pro


BigSwedenMan t1_j16218v wrote

That fucking screen is such bad design. I shouldn't need to dig through menus to turn on my fucking headlights


TheJadedSF t1_j16bych wrote

So bad that many other makers followed it? And who manually turns their headlights on anymore, it’s called auto mode.


BigSwedenMan t1_j170cp5 wrote

The fact that others followed is irrelevant. If I eat a shit sandwich from a restaurant, the fact that they also sell one across the street doesn't make it taste any better


TheJadedSF t1_j15thd2 wrote

Have you? I've been inside one every day for the past 3.5 years. I've owned many vehicles and it's been the most comfortable and reliable. Yeah there are some minor imperfections, like on any vehicle, many which have been sorted in newer year models. What makes a car not a golf cart to you? There's a reason they sell like hot cakes, can't be that ignorant.


FineAunts t1_j15vh29 wrote

You own one so there's a higher potential for confirmation bias. I'm biased as well after sitting in my coworker's brand new Model Y, it felt cheap for the price. I'm much more interested in the competition at this point.


TheJadedSF t1_j15vnij wrote

And you don't own one, so there's that bias too. I've owned probably upwards of 8-10 vehicles before my M3. Believe me, I would get rid of it like some old shoes if I didn't like it enough. EVs are great for my purpose anyway. I'd trade for a Rivian R1S but I don't have that kind of money and it's 1-2 years of waiting.


ktownmenace t1_j15zjix wrote

it isnt worth the price its tagged for. yes it sold like hot cakes and used car market is now flooded with teslas. cant be that ignorant.


TheJadedSF t1_j16c1ja wrote

And those used ones go like hot cakes too but this sub is so Elon baaaad it doesn’t matter lol


ktownmenace t1_j16ct1f wrote

they do? i guess everyone forgot to remove their listings then. and stop name dropping elon like you personally know him Lol

ps. i dont even know much about elon and careless about who he is or what he does. i do constantly laugh at elon fanboy friends that spent ridiculous amount of money on dogecoin and down 98% :)


TheJadedSF t1_j16d7ag wrote

That was literally the only comment that mentioned elon, wtf?


ktownmenace t1_j16dcti wrote

and totally unnecessary. hes not gonna come running here backing you up


TheJadedSF t1_j16djka wrote

? Put the crack pipe down buddy


ktownmenace t1_j16dqtq wrote

not cracked out enough to spend 80k on a golf cart :D


TheJadedSF t1_j16e0ak wrote

Lol no one is paying 80k for a model 3 what fiction are you talking? You prob can’t afford a Toyota Corolla the way you’re talking. Are you old enough to drive?


ktownmenace t1_j16e5jo wrote

youre talking all this crap driving a model 3? Lolllll


ktownmenace t1_j16edgc wrote

funny i actually made money off of tesla stocks and youre just a consumer. know your place bro


TheJadedSF t1_j16g7kf wrote

Who said I don’t own Tesla stock too? Are you a mind reader little boy?


Intrepid-Dig-1855 t1_j15m1u2 wrote

Both Ford and Volkswagen IMO


TheJadedSF t1_j15ofk1 wrote

Those are makes not models.


Intrepid-Dig-1855 t1_j15zi8a wrote

Tesla is a make not a model. I just followed suit.

Thankfully others have clarified the ones I thought it was obvious I meant. ID3 and the one I've driven which I feel was really decent was the Mustang. But again, just my opinion.


I_ONLY_PLAY_4C_LOAM t1_j15xd79 wrote

BMW, Audi, and Mercedes are all releasing cars in the Tesla price range.


TheJadedSF t1_j16bkh3 wrote

… For more money and worse specs and no supercharging network and maybe in 2-3 years realistically