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DonManuel t1_j07ffo8 wrote

People will feel less frightened for this to come out of the sink than from snakes or rats.


Adiwik t1_j07iedg wrote

Then they'll have many guns attached they're underbellies to kill the mutated rats Fukushima


VincentNacon t1_j07jti6 wrote

I fail to see how those legs are better than a set of wheels. If the legs has much more dynamic range of movement than this one, then I'd say it's better than wheels at this point.

The problem with this kind of legs, it's limited to one set of motion. Which isn't much better than wheels.

When designing a bot for a pipe, you could just plant the wheels on the side with a bit of force to avoid the junk on the bottom completely.


Relevant-Pop-3771 t1_j07l3xs wrote

Combining the form of a ferret, a centipede and a star-nosed mole would seem to be more able to overcome common obstacles like clogs.

(Came here to say "Tachikoma" but someone beat me to it!) :)


mtrash t1_j07qrye wrote

Here comes minority report


MadManD3vi0us t1_j07thm2 wrote

When the video got to the "overcome obstacles" part, and all I saw was a sprinkling of dust, I had to giggle... Sewers are nasty.


WornInShoes t1_j07w7dz wrote

When I read “spider robots” I think of that Tom Selleck movie


Raleda t1_j085drp wrote

It's a good idea, honestly. Multilegged bots are sturdy and can handle varied terrains effectively while supporting varied toolsets.


Login_rejected t1_j08od92 wrote

Can't wait for one of those to come up and tickle my balls while I'm taking a shit.


stuckplayer t1_j0a8a5h wrote

OvEr CoMe ObStAcLeS *handful of fish tank pebbles*


ME : Yeah now try doing that with one of my logs in the demo gl ur robot needs a wiper for the camera btw..


DefNotaZombie t1_j0ap4aq wrote

In several decades we could have these running around our houses cleaning stuff up, but they'd need some sort of service access... perhaps some sort of vent system, but we'd want engineers to be able to get in there if a robot gets stuck so we should probably make them human sized vents.

And just like that, we could have video game crawlspaces everywhere.