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DinobotsGacha t1_j65y8hi wrote

Oof. It seems more like the kotaku person really wanted the vehicle but couldnt afford it so they sh*t on it instead.


simple_mech t1_j661sem wrote

Yea that's rough. Why's he got such a problem with someone designing their own car. You'd think he stole his idea or something.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j66k4hw wrote

Agreed. Most of these vehicles aren't meant for average people either way, they're more for companies who transport VIP's and such, or really rich people buying it for fun.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j6b0bpu wrote

A company would use something much cheaper and that stands out less. Like a black SUV with armor plating.


Professor226 t1_j68rva9 wrote

I mean it’s a cool vehicle to imagine owning, I think the point of the article is that it’s totally pointless and impractical. Unless you are master chief off to fight some alien invasion, this is just something for rich doomsday preppers to masturbate to.


beef-o-lipso t1_j6661fk wrote

No, it was purely sarcasm at the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

I mean, I if could light a million clams on fire just for the Lulz, I'd buy one and get those hippie-dippie solar panels.

But you know these will be bought by wannabes that will never take it off the pavement.


DinobotsGacha t1_j666ian wrote

Seemed like it was more than that. We could find countless examples of crazy expensive stuff esp in the vehicle industry. Why does this specific vehicle matter?


jaakers87 t1_j68bi5x wrote

You realize that the whole world doesn't have the luxury of being safe in their vehicles? An armored SUV like this could absolutely serve a market in countries like Brazil, South Africa, certain parts of Mexico, etc.


beef-o-lipso t1_j68fuip wrote

Stop. This is not targeted at people who need armored cars. There are shops that will armour cars. This ridiculousnees is targeted at wannabes.


jaakers87 t1_j68b9wj wrote

Why the hate for this? There is a legitimate need for armored vehicles in MANY parts of the world. Has this author not seen the video of the cash van attacked on a highway? I'm sure those guys would have LOVED to have something like this.

The entire world doesn't live in the safety of this Kotaku author's Mom's basement. While the price tag might be high, its still something that I could see having a solid market.


guyincognito69420 t1_j68s35g wrote

I don't think it's the armored car aspect that is crazy. It's the pepper spray, electrified door handles, flashing lights, loudspeaker, and things like that which are kinda crazy (most if not all of those things would be completely illegal where I live).

Yet I guess if you are in an active warzone or your government has completely fallen apart it might be a decent buy. If you are transporting some sort of cargo (like money as in your video) there are better vehicles that are made for that use. This is obviously a luxury vehicle meant for personal transportation.


despitegirls t1_j69dh0b wrote

There are tons of armored Escalades with varying levels of this sort of technology built in. There's little to no use for these in the US but are meant to transport VIPs in regions where ambushes can and do occur. If you want a luxury vehicle, you can buy something off the shelf.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j6b0ihz wrote

And if you need more armor than a typical armored SUV, you buy military surplus.


prodjay10 t1_j67xlg7 wrote

This suv looks dope!


lolz_lmaos t1_j69p826 wrote

It's a kotaku article, if anything they are the idiots


HardlineMike t1_j673mtd wrote

I can think of far worse vehicle purchases. Like a Ferrari.


AuthorNathanHGreen t1_j685aqf wrote

  1. I like the way it looks;

  2. There actually is a sane market for armoured personal vehicles, as wild as that seems, and as much of an incitement it is to a society in which a non-insane person would want one;

  3. Has there ever been a MVA case where a court found that if you camouflage your car you're negligent for just taking it onto public roads? Seems like 'honestly the camouflage confused me and contributed to the accident" sounds like a winning argument from the other driver almost regardless of what happened.


AdRelevant3167 t1_j69o56y wrote

Nobody buying this actually needs an armored vehicle. It’s for people that want to stand out when all their neighbors already own Range Rovers and G Wagons


FearlessCloud01 t1_j69t0ra wrote

I mean, considering how much a Rolls can usually go for, if you can get this level of customisation, the ones with enough money will probably come running...


GrumpyButtrcup t1_j6amlhr wrote

I'm confused, is the writer jealous or something? That was horribly written and provided absolutely zero arguments as to why it's for an idiot. The writing actually made me feel like an idiot for reading it, and words don't do justice to the feelings I have towards the person who actually wrote that.

If someone has a million bucks to spend on a vehicle, how is this any less practical than any stupid supercar? 0/10 article, the author is poor and hates everything they can't afford.