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some_onions t1_j5haaum wrote

It's the consequence of a job market the incentivizes a degree over knowledge and experience.

If having a good grade is all you need to make a living, then there's no need to actually learn.


madogvelkor t1_j5jvzxc wrote

Degrees are an easy filter that put the burden on the applicant. Skill testing is expensive and difficult to do legally in the US, and trial periods discourage candidates who are already employed.


GhostReddit t1_j5psj5i wrote

Certs, credentials and licenses are used far more often as a means of protectionism to incumbents than in the service of anything else.

Frankly I'd like to see us do away with a lot of them - if you can do the job you can do the job. Some are obviously more procedure oriented and risky than others but does massage therapy really require more training than teaching people how to fly an airplane? Licensing boards would say so