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eldedomedio t1_j4gucvk wrote

Ahhh, an application of AI that I can get behind. Sick of seeing it used by opportunists to supplant and exploit human creativity (sometimes illegally).


megatronchote t1_j4hi0pg wrote

Well one could argue that it is not the creative part that AI would erase, only the work. And then you could say well there’s art in the technique, fair enough, but there’s also an endless amount of tweaking that you can do in for example Stable Diffussion.

It is sort of the same question as “Are DJs who compose their own songs in a computer really musicians ?” Well most succesful DJs know how to play some instrument, mainly piano.

So in conclusion it is mostly fear what makes us against this innovations


ribs15183 t1_j4jm5bc wrote

I wonder how da Vinci would feel about Adobe Illustrator...


Charlielx t1_j4hp6nt wrote

Any and all advancements in AI are good


invisible32 t1_j4iyc5f wrote

Technology can be made and used without ethics.


fmshobojoe t1_j4hbqeb wrote

It’s going to take away jobs of actual human researchers too, that’s not okay.


IllMaintenance145142 t1_j4hrgdq wrote

Try telling this to literally everyone that tries to fight technological progress making jobs obsolete. Ai is here and it's not going anywhere.


rocket_beer t1_j4ipewe wrote

You’re right, we should chop every piece of wood to make houses.

The milling process is anti-human!


IlIlIlIIlMIlIIlIlIlI t1_j4jwn2m wrote

its also going to create endless amounts of new jobs and industries, the possibilities with AI are near endless