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Isacobs_35160_LHM t1_j4gr2pp wrote

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing will benefit each other in the future when they are fully mature.


megatronchote t1_j4hfdxz wrote

In their quest to either destroy us or adopt us as cute pets.

Do you think they’ll neuter us to control our numbers ? Or we’ll live like in a zoo for robots to come visit us ?


Joethadog t1_j4irevz wrote

With collapsing birth rates worldwide, how do you know an AI hasn’t already influenced our reproduction, at least using cultural and economic levers…


simbian t1_j4jwu3b wrote

> how do you know an AI hasn’t already influenced our reproduction

Oh, we don't really need an AI to do that to humanity. We did it to ourselves, because it is great shareholder value.


Willinton06 t1_j4j30b0 wrote

He knows that’s not the case cause he’s not absolutely nuts


Joethadog t1_j4jo4by wrote

No need to be toxic. It’s just idle “what if” type speculation. It’s fun to think about.

Did I strike a nerve?


Willinton06 t1_j4job0a wrote

Nah I actually get you, it is fun to think about, but supposedly sperm counts hammer been dropping for longer than we’ve had computers so AI couldn’t be the reason


mikecrash t1_j4jor0e wrote

Just what the AI want you to think


Willinton06 t1_j4jp9t1 wrote

Then the AI really is winning cause I believe the hell out of it


MountainScorpion t1_j4jqhv2 wrote

Atrazine, PFA, and The Birth Control Pill are in most western water and not being filtered out.

It's like no one knows.


thedaveness t1_j4hqgbf wrote

Didn’t think, walking into this thread, that I’d be envisioning a robot Bob Barker asking if they (other robots) have spade and nurtured their humans.


ikoncipher t1_j4iva40 wrote

We'll work for them in some capacity, even if it was just for entertainment.


ClammyHandedFreak t1_j4kagut wrote

These are going to be the good ol' days eventually and that is wild to think about lol.


Benutzer2019 t1_j4uvh6n wrote

Why would AI have any motivations?


megatronchote t1_j4vg5zp wrote

Maybe it’ll learn to. Remember that we don’t know how our consciousness works either.


immaownyou t1_j4hyoi6 wrote

We're well on our way to an AI overlord that knows it knows best for humans


waka324 t1_j4imbhh wrote

We'll hit the paperclip scenario way sooner than a proper AI.


num2005 t1_j4gl4ri wrote



Dahnlen t1_j4go0kb wrote

Computer brain good, help meat brain make new stuff


Successful-Bat5301 t1_j4gpsdo wrote

Too many big words, could you dumb it down some more?


ElephantInTheForest t1_j4grdn1 wrote

meat good, lightning rock better


shadowscar248 t1_j4gxsyx wrote

Many words, fewer.


ElephantInTheForest t1_j4gy810 wrote

points at head


points at computer

grunts twice


Drewy99 t1_j4i49ad wrote

Spare us your technical mumbo jumbo and dumb it down a shade


WTWIV t1_j4jdn2x wrote

Sticks finger in power socket


Like that?


megatronchote t1_j4hgq7y wrote

There are a lot of benefits to be made if you can control the way the atoms are arranged in a material.

For example if you put all the atoms in a lattice (sort of like a 3D mesh) you get a crystal, if all the atoms in that crystal are carbon you get a Diamond.

But if those same atoms of carbon are all a mess you get coal. So, arrangement matters.

This AI’s are being trained to give us models of the properties that materials would have if we arrange the atoms in different shapes.

Maybe if we make them this way they become more conductive of electricity, or in that other way it makes it more bendy or stretchy or hard.

It is really cool work in my opinion.


Ricky_Rollin t1_j4kq059 wrote

Stupid question here but is this perhaps the first steps into “matter synthesis”. The ability to create just about anything by re-arranging the atoms out of thin air?


megatronchote t1_j4kz3d2 wrote

It is not a stupid question.

Whilst the goal would be to produce those materials in reality and later down the line even mass produce them, there are a few hurdles to overcome.

You can arrange atoms one by one with current technology but as you might imagine that doesn’t scale, so you need a chemical process that produces the desired output, and that can be tricky, to put it mildly.

So, since the efforts and resourses to create a new way to sythetize new materials are huge, the benefit of AI predicted models come in the form of estimating which possible materials have the properties that we are seeking, so less money goes to waste developing ways to create them.

But we are very far away from a Star Trek replicator, sadly.


imzelda t1_j4hvxz3 wrote

“The newly discovered structures were formed by a process called self-assembly, in which a material's molecules organize themselves into unique patterns.”

AI is going to hand deliver Ice-nine to the U.S. government.


Alert-Mud-672 t1_j4ih6zr wrote

It’s just the world of Minecraft.


Hurryupslowdownbar20 t1_j4iqqfx wrote

These structures in the pic remind me of the formations made in cymatics..


HillbillyHijinx t1_j4j1ts8 wrote

This is what the first Terminators will be made out of when SkyNet goes online.


DeviousDeevo t1_j4j4p2d wrote

How are nanostructures currently employed? What do they do? I'm so curious how these would be translated practically with innovation !


naeads t1_j4nzj1g wrote

My guess would be medical applications - eg blood vessels expansion


powersv2 t1_j4l3ss7 wrote

Hopefully these nanostructures make their way into 3d printing as infill patterns.


GoGreenD t1_j4ioput wrote

Can we point this as covid?


coumerr t1_j4jq0at wrote



GoGreenD t1_j4js3i8 wrote

AI, point it at covid to find some kind of solution. I know it's more complicated than that, but if we could use ai for something that's needed these days...


eldedomedio t1_j4gucvk wrote

Ahhh, an application of AI that I can get behind. Sick of seeing it used by opportunists to supplant and exploit human creativity (sometimes illegally).


megatronchote t1_j4hi0pg wrote

Well one could argue that it is not the creative part that AI would erase, only the work. And then you could say well there’s art in the technique, fair enough, but there’s also an endless amount of tweaking that you can do in for example Stable Diffussion.

It is sort of the same question as “Are DJs who compose their own songs in a computer really musicians ?” Well most succesful DJs know how to play some instrument, mainly piano.

So in conclusion it is mostly fear what makes us against this innovations


ribs15183 t1_j4jm5bc wrote

I wonder how da Vinci would feel about Adobe Illustrator...


Charlielx t1_j4hp6nt wrote

Any and all advancements in AI are good


invisible32 t1_j4iyc5f wrote

Technology can be made and used without ethics.


fmshobojoe t1_j4hbqeb wrote

It’s going to take away jobs of actual human researchers too, that’s not okay.


IllMaintenance145142 t1_j4hrgdq wrote

Try telling this to literally everyone that tries to fight technological progress making jobs obsolete. Ai is here and it's not going anywhere.


rocket_beer t1_j4ipewe wrote

You’re right, we should chop every piece of wood to make houses.

The milling process is anti-human!


IlIlIlIIlMIlIIlIlIlI t1_j4jwn2m wrote

its also going to create endless amounts of new jobs and industries, the possibilities with AI are near endless