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Suspicious-Yogurt-95 t1_j5y0y2e wrote

People should be allowed to speak. That's how we know who they really are. Give them the rope and let them hang themselves.


sickofthisshit t1_j5y387v wrote

Trump can speak all he wants on the street corner or on Truth Social. There's no reason Facebook has to let him speak there. If I ever logged back on Facebook, hearing Trump bitch about whatever idiotic gripe he has or cheering on white supremacists is something that would make me log right back out.

Of course, Facebook is probably trying to appease the nutjob Republicans in Congress, and it's their choice. But it's a real sign to me I don't want to be on Facebook.


Suspicious-Yogurt-95 t1_j5y5mip wrote

I left Facebook since 2015. No regrets so far. About Trump, I'm not from USA so I'm not very knowledgeable about America's politics, but from what I know it's crazy to think he could win a second time, specially after the Capitol episode. Here in Brazil we had our Trump-like president (who was actually a fan of Donald Trump) and it was awful. And we had something similar to what happened in the Capitol, except nobody died here. It was ridiculous to see.


Lumiafan t1_j5zhym3 wrote

>We had something similar to what happened in the Capitol, except nobody died here. It was ridiculous to see.

The same fascist ideologies that blossomed under Trump also blossomed under Jair Bolsonaro. Trump and Bolsonaro are like two peas in a pod, so it wasn't the least bit surprising to me to see a similar attempted insurrection in Brazil.


orlyfactor t1_j5z8l4w wrote

Same! 1 Jan 2015 I cut that cord and it has been fantastic! Now I don’t know what my shitty in laws political views are until I actually see them where I can just ignore every word that comes out of their mouths instead of being inundated with their idiocy all the time.


Shavethatmonkey t1_j5ywk01 wrote

Hitler got to speak all the hate he wanted. How did that one turn out?

What is the difference you see between the hate Hitler espoused and the hate from Trump?


Suspicious-Yogurt-95 t1_j5zanuy wrote

You know, I thought exactly the same when I wrote it. It's totally valid argument. But the world today look at the right wing as lunatics, for what I can see. I don't know if it's like this in US but here in Brazil, most people see the supporters of Bolsonaro as crazy people, and they look exactly like that. And we can avoid dealing with them because we know they're like this. My point is: if you know the owner of that nice store is a white supremacist, racist, that kind of shit, would you make business with him? I would look somewhere else. I think most people would do that. They would be naturally silenced. Today we have information traveling faster. Maybe if we had this technology back then Hitler would have become just another crazy dude everyone ignore. It's a big maybe. I think I just believe most people are still sane.


Lumiafan t1_j5zi551 wrote

The problem is that social media platforms are designed to suck you into echo chambers, and if you hear something enough and from enough likeminded people, it becomes truth to you. That's why it's dangerous.


Suspicious-Yogurt-95 t1_j5zxknc wrote

That's exactly why I don't like most social media. People lose their connection to the real world. But the way I see, shutting people doesn't make their stupid ideas go away. We need better information and education to solve this problem. Shutting them up gives them another narrative of oppression. It works in the short term though.


Jorycle t1_j6116ux wrote

But nothing's stopping him from speaking. We all know what Trump says and does despite not being on these platforms. Platforms like Facebook just said two years ago that they didn't want him speaking in their living rooms, but this didn't stop him from walking into someone else's living room, building his own house to yell in, or just yelling in the street.

Most attempts to equate this stuff to censorship and a free speech thing misunderstand free speech. Free speech isn't just your freedom to say a thing, its also other people's freedom not to hear what you have to say.


Suspicious-Yogurt-95 t1_j6192vp wrote

I get your point, I know how annoying these people are, I have relatives like that. But I'm not complaining about any kind of censorship nor freedom of speech. Social media has their rules and users must abide or leave. My point is: maybe we are close to racist, white supremacist, homophobic people, maybe we let them become close to our family, spouse/husband, children and we don't know because they can't say what they think.


marcololol t1_j60c2sa wrote

And when they don’t try hard enough, we can help! 😃