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Jorycle t1_j6116ux wrote

But nothing's stopping him from speaking. We all know what Trump says and does despite not being on these platforms. Platforms like Facebook just said two years ago that they didn't want him speaking in their living rooms, but this didn't stop him from walking into someone else's living room, building his own house to yell in, or just yelling in the street.

Most attempts to equate this stuff to censorship and a free speech thing misunderstand free speech. Free speech isn't just your freedom to say a thing, its also other people's freedom not to hear what you have to say.


Suspicious-Yogurt-95 t1_j6192vp wrote

I get your point, I know how annoying these people are, I have relatives like that. But I'm not complaining about any kind of censorship nor freedom of speech. Social media has their rules and users must abide or leave. My point is: maybe we are close to racist, white supremacist, homophobic people, maybe we let them become close to our family, spouse/husband, children and we don't know because they can't say what they think.