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ejpierle t1_j5x41jx wrote

I hope all these tech workers can get together and build something so cool it puts all their bosses out of business.


hibearmate t1_j5ydoj4 wrote

Please remember that ANY layoffs at these companies are reported as tech layoffs

So getting rid of PR, Marketing, Finance, and administrative staff is “tech“ layoffs


ejpierle t1_j5ye591 wrote

Well, any new company will need marketing and admin and whatever else also, so my point stands.


Fair-Distribution-51 t1_j5yukte wrote

Yeah but new companies won’t be able to pay them similar wages to what they earned at these huge tech companies


RieveNailo t1_j60gsl3 wrote

Pay at IBM is pretty bad though so once they find work elsewhere, it will probably be a raise


Fair-Distribution-51 t1_j61dbmi wrote

Fair enough, I don’t know much about IBM but just know the other big tech companies like google etc that are having layoffs pay a lot when including their stock they give so really hard to get something similar at a smaller company


Zhabba_Zheeba t1_j5z07hh wrote

$X > $0 for someone who just lost their job, even if $X < $Y.


Nebula_Zero t1_j5z22nv wrote

Low wages < unemployment benefits that pay a percentage of what you made while you hunt for a better paying job with benefits


Zhabba_Zheeba t1_j5z3xb8 wrote

Well, then that's the individual's fault for not doing that cost/benefit analysis. Have you ever tried to survive on unemployment? I have. Covid bonuses notwithstanding, it's very difficult, and usually much less desirable than actually having a job that pays less than what you made.


4Wf2n5 t1_j5zadqc wrote

There's a Google sheet of the affected Spotify employees that was shared on LinkedIn to help them find future opportunities. Most were engineers.


brickmaus t1_j60qnxc wrote

Build a company with no c-level executives and instead all exec-level decisions are just made by ChatGPT


diacewrb t1_j5xypzb wrote

Hopefully they won't become a big monopoly and start the cycle of layoffs all over again.


ytaqebidg t1_j5z1nvy wrote

Sadly these companies don't hire those kind of people.


NextDistrict t1_j605c7i wrote

By the way, it’s kind of ironic that you are also advocating for layoffs of the other employees that survived that round of layoffs. Outside of a scandal or activist investor, a lot of leadership in a company would not go unless there is a large downturn in business results… which would mean a lot of layoffs.


k0ty t1_j63raur wrote

I did exactly this few months ago and put IBM out of business in my region in consulting 😊